Why the Luxurious Air Conditioning of your Car needs regular services?

Air conditioning is one of the most important comforts that are to be found in a car, that is definitely a blessing, especially when you are driving your car during summer. Car air conditioning service will ensure optimum comfort for the passengers of a car.

Car Air Conditioning

Car Air Conditioning

Like any feature in a car, air conditioning is achieved with the help of machinery, and any machine can malfunction, or perform not as well as it is expected. Hence, sometimes, you need to hire a car air conditioning service and they can repair your car air conditioning system with their advanced tools and technologies. Most of the car services provide you some packages for your car servicing, but most of these packages do not include the car air conditioning service.  So, you need to discuss the same with the car services and suggest them to include the air conditioning services in your package.

How exactly does Car Air Conditioning work?

The main work of a car’s air conditioning system is to transfer the heat from the inside of a car’s cabin to the outside, effectively cooling the environment inside the car.

The main principle of air conditioning is first evaporation and condensation, and then compression and expansion. Without going into too much detail, a car’s air conditioning system cools the air inside the vehicle by stripping the air of moisture and cooling it down. The compressor pressurizes a refrigerant into the condenser, where it turns from gas to liquid, and it is then passed on to an expansion valve where the liquid is metered out at low pressure and passed to an evaporator. To prevent a malfunction in case anything goes wrong, car air conditioning service is required. These services can also increase the performance level as well as longevity of your car air conditioning system.

What exactly can go wrong?

If a car’s air conditioning is not used for a long time, its compressor may get seized, or it may develop leaks, which is why in spite of irregular or no use, car air conditioning service is absolutely necessary.

Another reason why car air conditioning service is a necessary thing to do, to maintain the performance of a car’s air conditioning at optimal levels, is that unlike normal cooling devices that remain in one place, a car’s air conditioning mechanism has to:

  • Undergo a lot of movement, and
  • Is subjected to a very wide range of external temperatures, a lot of mechanical vibrations, and
  • The condenser or cooling radiator, which is situated at the front of the vehicle is subjected to a lot of dirt, grit and other materials as the car is used.

Due to these reasons, instead of solid pipes, flexible rubber pipes are used in the system. In such a setup, over time, leaks can develop at joints, which will cause the system to discharge and is detrimental to its proper functioning.

Car Air Conditioning

Car Air Conditioning

What kind of Maintenance or Servicing is required?

Car air conditioning service consists of checking the vital status of all parts of the air conditioning machinery of a car.

  • It is absolutely important to check whether the system has sufficient air pressure to optimize it’s working.
  • The refrigerant has a special kind of oil that lubricates the compressor. Should the air pressure drop too low, the compressor will not work properly. This needs to be checked.
  • Over time, the dryer of the system tends to get saturated with water and it is advisable that it get replaced periodically.

Even if you try to do the car air conditioning service yourself, make sure you don’t attempt to discharge the refrigerant yourself. Get it done by a certified professional.

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