When It’s Time for Brake Repairs

When you are moving in an automobile, it’s important to be able to accelerate well, but equally important is to be able to apply brakes at the right time. Brakes are used for multiple purposes, like for making car stationery, controlling car speed when declining on a slope, ensuring your car doesn’t come back while you are inclining on a slope, etc. Also, hand brakes are used when you are parking your car or stopping on an incline.

Brake Repairs

Brake Repairs

If your car is not stopping when you want it to, making some grinding sound, or if you find your steering wheel vibrating when you apply the brakes, then you must know that it’s time to visit a brake repairs shop. You need to act on the first signs, else more wear and tear will lead to higher expenses and compromised safety.

When to Visit a Brake Repairs Shop

  • Metallic sound while in motion: Brake pads, which are made of metal, become worn out over time and use. When the pads wear out, their metal meets the rotors and create such sound. If your car is also making such sounds, you can know that that this is time to replace brake pads.
  • Grinding sound when the brakes are in action:  This sound is generated due to multiple reasons. It might be just a stone getting stuck in the brake system which needs to be taken out. It might also be the brake fluid not reaching the brake drum, leading it to wear out and creating such sound. All of these warrant a visit to the brake repairs shop.
  • Vibration in the steering wheel: If there is an issue with the alignment of rotors, you may feel a vibration in the steering wheel. Rotors are mechanisms that move with the wheel and help in stopping the wheels with the help of brake pads.
  • Sticky brakes: Sometimes, when you move your foot from the brake pedal, it doesn’t come back instantaneously. This issue arises because of leaky master cylinder leading to loss of retraction, due to which the pads back into the off position.
  • Soft brakes: If you apply the brake and it sinks into the floor without much pressure, then it warrants a quick look from a brake repairs service person. This may be an issue with the brake pads or master cylinder.

Most Important Parts of Braking System

The brake system consists of many parts, which are under constant duress when you apply the brake. All of these need periodic brake repair checking and maintenance.

  • Brake Pad: They are considered to be the most crucial and are prone to a lot of wear and tear. You need to ensure that they are in optimal condition and are replaced at regular intervals.
  • Disc and Drum Machining: This is a core component, and a failed drum can cause total brake failure. There are specialized workshops that can service them without removing tires.
  • Brake shoe relining: You need to apply to reline if brake shoe is exposed due to broken lining. This may also lead to brake shoe replacement.
  • Rotors: They are considered the most integral parts of the braking system. You need to ensure that your rotors stay within limits as prescribed by the manufacturer. If you need to use automobiles for heavy load, you can upgrade your rotors based on your manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Brake Fluid:  This is always present in every brake repairs workshop’s list. You need to get your brake oil changed at regular intervals based on manufacturer’s recommendations, which is mostly 2 years irrespective of usage. Depending on where your automobile is used, it may be prone to moisture seeping in the braking system. This may lead to failure or slow response from the braking system.
Brake Repairs

Brake Repairs

In summary, if you are having some problems with your brake system, it is not necessarily going to cost you a fortune. It might be just removing dirt or debris from the system, or simply heating the system or removing moisture. But always make sure to get it checked by a professional. Never delay your brake repairs, as it may get you stuck at a place where no help is available, put your safety at risk, and lead to a fat repair bill.

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