Upgrading Your Ride on a Budget

For many drivers, their car is more about their identity and style than it is about general transportation. For these sportsmen, how their car looks and the impression that it makes is a priority.


If you want to customize your ride, you need to remember that styling your interior is just as important as the exterior. You might make more of a statement with a set of rocking rims or a wicked custom paint job, but once you open your driver’s door you still want to make a statement about your style.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a car that will really turn heads. Affordable upgrades like interior and exterior lighting packages from XK Glow, decals that make a statement and stylish tinting can be done without breaking the bank. Let’s take a look at a few of the innovative ways that you can get a vehicle upgrade and still stay on budget.

Light Packages

If you really want your car to stand out you need to light it up. Halo and undercarriage lighting packages can give you a futuristic look that will blow other cars off the road. Easy to install, these packages can be custom made to enhance the body of your car. Don’t forget about the inside of your cabin. Installing strips of LED lights throughout your interior can make you feel like you are driving right into the future.


The standard and boring factory shifter that came with your car is just begging to be updated. You can find just about any style of custom replacement shifter online or at your nearest specialty shop. Adding a racing-style shifter can really add some style to your interior.


Tires are expensive but updating your rims can really change the whole look of your cars’ profile without spending a fortune. Choose between steel or aluminum custom rims designs that will suit the style of your car. Be careful to choose the right size as rims that are too large can affect your driving ability and steering control.

Seat Covers

Most standard seat covers are made from inferior fabrics that can quickly show wear and start to fade. If you want to give your whole interior an upgrade, it can be as simple as adding upgraded seat covers to your car. Custom colors and fabrics are available to match any style.

Steering Wheel

You can’t drive a car without having your steering wheel directly in your view. Factory wheels are generally boring and can be easy to upgrade. You can combine technology with style when you choose to switch out your steering wheel with a racing model made from luxury wood and housing everything you need to operate your car. Volume control, cruise control buttons and Bluetooth activation can boost your steering wheel to command central for your whole vehicle.


Adding tinting to your windows can instantly boost your car into another class of style and sophistication. Along with the physical upgrade, you can enjoy the other benefits of tinted windows including privacy for you and your passengers and protection from harmful UV rays.

If you want to add a bit of custom style to your car it’s easier than you think to upgrade your ride. Try some of these upgrades and watch how fast you can turn your clunker into a car that everyone wants to ride in.

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