Types of BMW Services Available for Your Car

Regular servicing is essential for keeping your vehicle safe and functional for many years to come. But when you are going for servicing, always make sure you get the help of BMW service specialist. As they highly trained, they will ensure the safety and longevity of the car. They are fully equipped with the latest technology to serve you with top-notch performance. The primary key to maintain the life of your vehicle is routine check-up. But what type of BMW service you need at which time can be overwhelming. Don’t worry because we are here to explain it.

Types of BMW Services

Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance ensures that you get the first day feel every time you ride your BMW. The car has an onboard-maintenance system which informs you when you need BMW service. The advanced motherboard system records all the wear and tear that need fixing. This feature helps your specialist to repair and fix particular areas accurately. They know every detail even before it arrives at the centre. This option comes as the Service Interval Indicator in the older model.

Oil Servicing: Oil servicing in your car is more than just changing oil lubricants. During oil service, the BMW service specialist also looks for other damage in tyres and break. If you get it serviced by the centre, you get an extra benefit of extensive oil service which guarantees longer life, efficiency and better performance. 

Additional services the experts offer are:

  • Substitution of ignition plug after every second oil change service.
  • Substitution of fuel and air filter after every third oil change.
  • The old oil filter is changed and substituted with a new one.
  • Old engine oil is also removed and replaced with a new one.

Vehicle Checkup

It would help if you had different types of checkup throughout the year. This check is the only way you can maintain the performance of your BMW. When you take it for servicing the experts take a comprehensive test for the vehicle, including:

  • Pre-monsoon checkup
  • Summer check
  • Safety and security check
  • Air conditioner regulation
  • Headlight check
  • Holiday check
  • Seasonal check

Therefore it ensures that your car is ever ready for every event. The BMW specialist can also guide you for other tests if needed.

Seasonal Maintenance

To care extra for your vehicle is very necessary, especially if it’s standing under seasonal change. Make it ready for every season by taking it for a seasonal BMW service. Even seasonal check-up is of two types winter check-up and holiday check-up. The expert runs close inspection using innovative technology to take care of your fan belts, tyres, lights, and brakes.

They also cover other critical areas like water cooling levels, battery, windscreen wiper handles, washer fluid functioning, and another department. After servicing, you enjoy the ride so comfortably, as if enjoying at home. The centre may even provide you with a package with a free car wash and safety check facility.

The Required Time Gap Between Servicing

It becomes necessary to take your vehicle for BMW service after it has covered 5000 to 7000 miles or a year has passed. So it is always advisable to take it in the service centre before urgently required.


To maintain the health of your vehicle, you should take it for regular BMW service is essential. We all know that just like good habits are hard to adapt to, routine maintenance is also hard to follow. Even the statistics say most accident happens to poorly maintained car.

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