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Service is very important to us at MDH Motors. We’d like to know how we did. Please share your experience with MDH Motors by leaving a comment below and see what some of our customers have said about their experience at MDH Motors.


Darlene Joseph Jones said:   August 15th, 2014   It’s seldom that u find ANY business that freely gives advice…even LESS for mechanics & auto repair! Well, here is the EXCEPTION! Mr. Hand ACTUALLY writes, in depth & EASY TO UNDRSTAND, auto repair advice! He explain in detail what ur problem could be , other issues that also may contribute to your problem, what to look for, and how to either DIY or know what to look for in choosing a mech to fix your problem! AMAZING the effort he puts in, and even tho auto repair is his business, his advice doesn’t just lead back to “come to my shop”! Check him out! He’s a blessing to those of us who just need some advice and/or guidance!


Didi Dahlsrud said:   August 6th, 2013  I have had wonderful service by Marty, and I trust him completely. by the way, you told me when to get my next service. I think I am do. DD


John Wall said:   December 10th, 2013   Martin does excellent work and backs up his work a guarantee. MDH will not up sell you on repairs that are not necessary. However, Martin will offer suggested repairs and services that will keep your vehicle running great and reliable.Being a small repair shop without all the overhead Martin is able to pass the savings on to his customers. I highly recommend MDH Motors for all recommended services and when needed repairs.


Rick Till said:  June 6th, 2012 Marty did a great job fixing our Subaru, include a new clutch, new wheel bearing, and other work, and saving us money. Marty also identified repairs that could wait to be fixed so our car repair expenses won’t pile up all at once. I’ll definitely be bringing our cars to MDH in the future.


Oliver Rockoff said:   March 25th, 2012   MDH motors was recommended by a friend of mine. I needed a timing belt, control arms, and a general tuneup for my 97 Camry. Marty got the job done. He’s quick, professional, and his prices are fair. Plus he did a free vehicle inspection. I’ll be back with my 96 Previa.


Charlotte Krebs said:   March 16th, 2012  Hey Martin, This website is just Awesome! You have done a great job creating and showing your God given gift as an artist both in creation and the knowledge you have in the best computer in the whole world -Your brain! I have total trust in your abilities as a mechanic and the diagnostic being accurate and your honesty above all. A person does not mind paying for a job done well. Great Job!


Phil Payne said: August 5th, 2013
Fantastic work replacing the head gasket on my Subaru Outback! Martin was very thorough and his work exceeded my expectations. His price was by far the best I have found, and he is now “my” mechanic from here on out!


Please feel free to leave a review about your services and experience at MDH Motors. To write a review simply state your comments or concerns in comment box. Your review should post within 48 to 72hrs. Thank You



  • Thank you Martin Hand for doing such great work on my car!
    I recently purchased a 1997 Subaru Outback Legacy Limited 2.5 with a 188011 miles on it when I bought it.
    At 192k it started overheating so I took the thermostat out. I knew it had a blown head gasket because the overflow tank would bubble like crazy especially after turning the car off. It ran fine like that except it was kind of running lean and it was starting to get very cold outside and I wanted my heater to work quicker in the mornings. Martin has the most fair honest price imaginable for the labor and parts for head gasket repair. Not to mention he did the job extremely quick over a weekend. I left my car at his shop Friday and had it back by Tuesday. He did a lot of work replaced head gaskets timing belt water pump and even replaced my timing cover that was chewed up from a previous mechanical failure. I highly recommend MDH Motors. My car is running like a champ now!

  • Carolyn Lesch says:

    My fiance, who is a professional mechanic, helped me choose a shop to have my 2001 Forester repaired. He performs most necessary repairs but does not personally own the heavy equipment required for some.

    We have dealt with one Subaru specialty shop before and not preferred their approach. We’ve driven up to another one and seen the disarray that is apparent before every getting out of the car.

    Martin’s shop is organized and tidy, he is knowledgeable and transparent. He shares his knowledge and his ability to pass on savings.

    He had my car repaired within the week and it runs great!

    I was so grateful to find him on the day we met, and I am grateful to know where to go next time I need a competent, honest mechanic.

    Thank you Martin!
    ~Carolyn and Ray

  • Bobbi Bryan says:

    I just can’t say enough about the great service we received from Martin at MDH Motors. We have had two cars repaired by him, a Subaru and VW Beetle. Both times he showed us what parts he replaced and why they needed to be replaced. My Beetle was having trouble with the brakes, he replaced the ABS sensors but it still continued to have problems. Martin diligently worked to find out the problem and discovered it was a wiring issue. We will continue to bring our vehicles to MDH Motors and will definitely recommend you. Thank you Martin for your dedication to great service.

  • John W. says:

    Martin provides exceptional customer service and does excellent work and he backs up his work a guarantee. MDH Motors will not up sell you on repairs that are not necessary. However, Martin will offer suggested repairs and services that will keep your vehicle running great and reliable.Being a small repair shop without a lot of overhead Martin is able to pass the savings on to his customers. I highly recommend MDH Motors for all recommended services and needed repairs.

  • A Nice Gaines says:

    Thanks Marty your work it is A-1, and what a greate web site. Your customer Commitment and open, honest, fair Communication is a great relive I know that I got 110% from you. With your ablity and customer relationships you make repairs to cars not to be Feared. Thank You. Might sound nuts but when the honda gets it fix up after the first I’m looking forward to getting it done because You will make sure it completed in a fair and honest way Thanks again ciao

  • Daniel Harro says:

    Martin recently rebuilt my manual transmission and installed at new clutch ext. on my 2000 Subaru Outback and did an amazing job! Martin is honest, straight forward which is saying a lot for this industry. I saved money which is always a bonus. I wish I would have found Martin years ago! I would reccomend MDH motors to anyone!

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