What are Torque to Yield Head Bolts?

Do you have to replace torque to yield head bolts? With a regular head bolt a technician could torque a bolt to its yield point and it would return to its original form and length when removed. This is because of its elasticity, it is able to stretch and then return to its original form. This is not so with… Read More

Toyota Knock Sensor

What to look for in knock sensor failure First off there are few things that you need to consider when diagnosing and replacing a knock sensor on Toyota vehicles. Some Toyota models have two knock sensors(left bank and right bank) It’s not un-common to have knock sensor wire failure The knock sensors are usually priced at or above $100.00 each,… Read More

Toyota, Honda & Subaru Starter Failure

Does your starter really need replaced? Learn the most common failure of Honda, Toyota and Subaru starters. Read More

Toyota Prius Smart Key System

Gen 2 Smart Key System Doors Won’t Unlock This example is from a 2004 Toyota Prius that has about a 140k on it. The complaint is that the customer could not open the door. The tow truck driver pulled vehicle up onto a flat bed skidding the front tires and dropped car the same way. The Vehicle is equipped with… Read More

Hybrid HV & Auxillary Battery Types

Toyota Prius Gen 1 and Gen 2 Auxiliary Battery The Gen 1 is easier, on the left side of the trunk. On the Gen 2, the hatch area floor cover and plastic insert must be removed to access the battery on the right side. Note that disconnecting the AGM auxiliary has been known to cause a no-start after it has… Read More

Hybrid Models & Manufacturers

The Honda Insight The Honda Insight was the first domestically available Hybrid vehicle. It was a technological wonder in many ways, with aluminum body, three cylinder 1.0 liter engine plus IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) Honda’s name until present for their parallel Hybrid system), and an air cooled battery pack behind the two available seats. In the end, it was a… Read More

Subaru Summer Special

Get your Subaru ready for the summer heat with these hot deals! Free Vehicle Condition Report Front/Rear Brakes $129.99 Timing Belt Special $180.00 The Estimate Breaker – 40% off Free A/C System Performance Check 25% Off For Portland Community College Students Free Check Engine Lite Diagnosis Free LOF W/ Repairs – 1st Time Customers Martin Hand – 10 years specializing… Read More

Certified Subaru Mechanic | Portland,OR

Martin Hand | L1 ASE Certified Master Technician: Mechanic and owner of MDH Motors with 13 years experience in automotive repair. Specializing in Asian and European Import vehicles and primarily Subaru’s. Always up to date on certifications and training so he can offer you the leading edge in automotive repair. Having a technician that specializes in the type of vehicle… Read More

Portland Mechanics | Quality Auto Repair

MDH Motors is your local family owned repair shop for reasonable automotive repair. We offer an awesome $40.00 an hour labor rate and have low mark up on your replacement parts. Martin Hand has over 13 years in experience in Asian and European Import auto repair and has been a L1 ASE Master Technician plus ATRA Certified for 10 years.… Read More