Subaru Oil Consumption Problems

Subaru Oil Consumption Repair Most Subaru owners are aware of the infamous headgasket problem. Along with frequent questions and concerns from customers about Subaru headgasket problems I have also had a lot of oil consumption complaints and concerns from my customers. Over the years of rebuilding and repairing these engines I have noticed a common failure that is consistent with… Read More

Subaru Timing Belt Replacement Tips & Advice

Subaru Timing Belt Facts Subaru 2.5 DOHC and SOHC are interference engines Subaru timing belts are due for replacement at 105K Oil will shorten the life of your timing belt The water pump should be replaced with the timing belt When replacing the timing belt on a Subaru 2.5L SOHC or DOHC motors there are a few common things to… Read More

Subaru Control Arm Bushing Repair

The newer Subaru models changed the type of lower control arms that was used for year in the early legacy’s and up to 1999 or 2000 Legacy Outback’s. Both suspension types are fine but these newer ones are having control arm bushing failure. Don’t be fooled into replacing the control arm just because the bushing is bad. The reason I… Read More

Subaru Coolant Gauge Problems

This article will explain some basic testing procedures and common fixes for problems with the coolant gauge. When diagnosing any coolant temperature problem the first thing you need to do is make sure the cooling system is operating properly and the vehicle is running at a normal operating temperature. If you’re having problems with your coolant gauge not reading correctly… Read More

Subaru Manual Transmission Repair Rebuild

Looking for Subaru transmission repair? Look no further….. MDH Motors specializes in Subaru manual transmission repairs and rebuilds Martin Hand has over 13 years experience in Subaru transmission repair and is currently offering a special on transmission repairs. $100.00 OFF MT TRANSMISSION REBUILD Receive $100.00 off any major manual transmission rebuild, please contact us for details FREE TRANSMISSION PERFORMANCE INSPECTION… Read More

Common Subaru Oil Leaks

Where does my Subaru Leak oil? Most likely you know about the 2.5L SOHC head gasket leaks. They’re an external oil and/or coolant leak. This article is to target the other common oil leaks that your Subaru will eventually come up with. There are a few other areas that these vehicles like to leak, but after these are taken care… Read More

What are Torque to Yield Head Bolts?

Do you have to replace torque to yield head bolts? With a regular head bolt a technician could torque a bolt to its yield point and it would return to its original form and length when removed. This is because of its elasticity, it is able to stretch and then return to its original form. This is not so with… Read More

Toyota, Honda & Subaru Starter Failure

Does your starter really need replaced? Learn the most common failure of Honda, Toyota and Subaru starters. Read More

Subaru Manual Transmission Repair

Subaru manual transmissions are pretty well built and have minimal problems. When failure occurs there are usually just a couple of things that fail. The most common problem is bearing failure causing the transmission to be noisy and if it’s excessive your trans will sound as if someone has put rocks in it. The other failure that is common is… Read More

Subaru Repair Portland Oregon

MDH Motors is a Subaru specialty repair shop. Get quality repairs at half the rate! Martin Hand has over 13 years experience specializing in the repair of Subaru’s. Why Choose MDH Motors to repair your Subaru? We have a $40.00 hour labor rate We use only OEM Subaru parts Subaru’s are a breed of there own, choose someone that is… Read More