99 Subaru Impreza: Clutch Replacement

99 Subaru Impreza: Clutch Replacement STEP 1: Start with the top side,  this tutorial is for the 2.2l SOHC, if you happen to be working on the WRX turbo model the clutch configuration is different. There is a release pin for the clutch fork that has to be removed in order to remove the transmission. Anyways, disconnect the battery and… Read More

Cheap Auto Repair In Portland, OR

Looking for cheap auto repair? Look no further!!! Cheap Auto Repair Milwaukie, OR MDH Motors is celebrating the launch of the all new  “www.mdhmotors.com”. Here are some of the amazing deals and rates we offer. $60.00 hour labor rate FREE  check engine light diagnosis FREE  electrical system analysis with repair FREE  vehicle inspections OR pre-purchase vehicle inspections with repair or… Read More

Vehicle Maintenance Chart

Vehicle Maintenance Service Intervals R=Replace I=Inspect I/R=Inspect then Replace if needed. This schedule is appropriate for most American, European and Japanese automobiles. Information and instructions in your owner’s manual supersede this repair schedule. This guide is meant to supplement the manufacturer recommendations for your specific vehicle, and should not replace such recommendations. This is not meant for vehicle troubleshooting, repair… Read More

Transmission Flush, When and when not to flush transmission

How a Transmission Flush Works A transmission flush procedure is generally performed using equipment that either runs off the transmission pump or has its own pump built into the machine. The machines are connected to the transmission cooler lines, and while the old fluid is pumped out the new fluid is delivered at the same quantity and time. Sometimes there… Read More

Summer’s Special Offers

MDH Motors Special Offers  FREE PRE-PURCHASE VEHICLE INSPECTION  MOTORVAC FUEL INJECTION SERVICE  $89.99  COOLANT FLUSH  $39.99  TRANSMISSION FLUSH $59.99  TIMING BELT REPLACEMENT $180.00  $100.00 OFF LABOR Offers expire 8/25/2012 Limit one offer per customer per visit Must present coupon at time of repair Additional charges for shop supplies may apply, up to 7% Most… Read More

Timing Belt Replacement, Is your engine on the interference list?

  What Are Timing Belts? A timing belt is a small but crucial engine part that can keep a motor running properly and improve fuel efficiency. While not all engines have belts, they are the most common over timing chains or timing gears. The belt wraps around a series of gears at the front of the engine to aid in… Read More

The all-new MDHMotors.com has launched!

The new website for MDH Motors has launched! Visit this website often to get news and updates about information regarding car repairs and maintenance. Read More