Hybrid Vehicle Service Saftey

During the initial introduction of Hybrid vehicles, there were many rumors about the perceived danger of servicing them. While the batteries contain harmful or even lethal energy, proper service practices will render these vehicles safe to service. These vehicles should not be serviced in a careless manner and HV gloves should be worn when called for by the manufacturer service… Read More

Toyota Prius Smart Key System

Gen 2 Smart Key System Doors Won’t Unlock This example is from a 2004 Toyota Prius that has about a 140k on it. The complaint is that the customer could not open the door. The tow truck driver pulled vehicle up onto a flat bed skidding the front tires and dropped car the same way. The Vehicle is equipped with… Read More

Hybrid HV & Auxillary Battery Types

Toyota Prius Gen 1 and Gen 2 Auxiliary Battery The Gen 1 is easier, on the left side of the trunk. On the Gen 2, the hatch area floor cover and plastic insert must be removed to access the battery on the right side. Note that disconnecting the AGM auxiliary has been known to cause a no-start after it has… Read More

Hybrid Models & Manufacturers

The Honda Insight The Honda Insight was the first domestically available Hybrid vehicle. It was a technological wonder in many ways, with aluminum body, three cylinder 1.0 liter engine plus IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) Honda’s name until present for their parallel Hybrid system), and an air cooled battery pack behind the two available seats. In the end, it was a… Read More