Lexus RX300 Battery Drains Parasitic Draw

This 2001 Lexus RX300 would drain the battery periodically when the vehicle sits. After testing for a parasitic draw and none found we performed the normal electrical system tests and returned the vehicle. The battery load test was weak but not completely failing, I was confident that it was not the cause of the problem. I have seen battery failure… Read More

Chrysler Town & Country – Severe Misfire

This article is directed towards a Chrysler Minivan that I had in the shop the other day with a strange problem that I have seen a few times before so I wanted to inform others about this problem. The problem starts from a simple issue you would never expect to lead to this. Take a look at the cut open… Read More

Subaru Coolant Gauge Problems

This article will explain some basic testing procedures and common fixes for problems with the coolant gauge. When diagnosing any coolant temperature problem the first thing you need to do is make sure the cooling system is operating properly and the vehicle is running at a normal operating temperature. If you’re having problems with your coolant gauge not reading correctly… Read More

General Powertrain Diagnosis

Despite the sophistication of today’s powertrain control systems, even the most advanced software program cannot disguise a worn camshaft lobe, a burned valve or a loose timing chain. Unfortunately, even though these types of mechanical failures create recognizable symptoms of poor performance, many technicians get caught up analyzing pulse trains without ever considering valvetrains! The fact is, illuminated MILs (Malfunction… Read More

Computerized Powertrain Controls Diagnosis (Including OBD II)

Electronic engine control systems have been standard equipment on most cars and light trucks since the early 1980s. While these systems improve both driveability and fuel economy, their primary purpose is emission control. From a service standpoint, many of the early systems were difficult to diagnose due to their limited self-diagnostic capability. However, serviceability improved in 1988 with the implementation… Read More

Ford F-150 Misfire Mode $06 Diagnosis

This article will explain one of the most practical applications of Mode $06. The vehicle has a misfire but the MIL is not ON. It is a used car trade in with 120,332 miles and the repair history is unknown. The first obvious step is to scan it for codes. using a Generic scan tool to check the PCM and… Read More

Volkswagen Instrument Cluster Failure

Over the years of working on VW’s I have encountered enough instrument cluster failures that I would consider it a common problem. There are a few things you should be aware of before attempting to repair this unit. Don’t Buy Used VW Cluster I have tried this route already and have been burned multiple times. The bad part about it… Read More

Hybrid Vehicle Service Saftey

During the initial introduction of Hybrid vehicles, there were many rumors about the perceived danger of servicing them. While the batteries contain harmful or even lethal energy, proper service practices will render these vehicles safe to service. These vehicles should not be serviced in a careless manner and HV gloves should be worn when called for by the manufacturer service… Read More

Knowledge Of Automotive Fuel Systems

Basic Automotive Fuel Systems To understand the basics of the automotive fuel systems used today is pretty simple. Understanding these fuel systems will definitely increase your confidence in sales and more importantly the confidence of your customers. Most vehicles in use today are powered by gasoline or diesel fuel, although alternative fuel vehicles powered by E8 5, natural gas, propane,… Read More

Toyota Knock Sensor

What to look for in knock sensor failure First off there are few things that you need to consider when diagnosing and replacing a knock sensor on Toyota vehicles. Some Toyota models have two knock sensors(left bank and right bank) It’s not un-common to have knock sensor wire failure The knock sensors are usually priced at or above $100.00 each,… Read More