A/C System Performance Testing Part 2

A/C Performance Testing A performance test can determine whether the A/C system is functioning properly and if it is not can indicate what is wrong so the system can be repaired.Different vehicle manufacturers specify different methods to conduct system performance checks, but as a guideline, the following procedure may be used.Connect a manifold gauge set as previously described. Hang the… Read More

A/C System Performance Testing Part 1

Automotive Refrigerants The refrigerant used in automotive air conditioning systems from their inception until the early 1990s was a chemical compound called dichlorodiflouoromethane, more commonly known as Freon or R12. R12 is a member of the chemical family known as chlorofluorocarbons(CFCs). Although R12 works extremely well as a heat transfer medium in an automotive air conditioning system, CFCs have been… Read More

A/C System Operation

A/C System Basic Principles In order to understand how an A/C system works, we must first understand a few basic principles. The first, and most important principle is that heat always moves toward a state of less heat. This is how an engine’s cooling system works. Heat created by the combustion process in the engine’s cylinders is transferred to the… Read More

AC Compressor Clutch Diagnosis & Repair

AC Compressor Operation There are several different compressor designs, but all perform the same function: they move, or pump the refrigerant throughout the system, and they compress the low pressure vaporized refrigerant into a high pressure vapor. Compressors may be of a piston, rotary vane or scroll design. Piston style compressors are the most popular, and are either in line,… Read More

AC Evaporator, Condenser & Related Components

A/C Hoses, Lines And Fittings Refrigerant is routed to the various components in the AC system by rigid lines and flexible high-pressure hoses. Hoses are used to connect components with the compressor, to allow for engine movement. Most other components are connected with rigid lines, although hoses are sometimes used. Most modern hoses are made of reinforced rubber with a… Read More

Subaru AC Compressor Clutch

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Subaru Summer Special

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