CAN Communications | Multiplex Systems

Controller Area Network Diagnosis Electronics in today’s vehicles have grown to an unprecedented level of technology. From a handful of computers just a decade ago, today’s vehicles contain dozens of computers arranged in one or more main and sub-networks with interconnecting gateways. This new found complexity makes diagnosis vehicle electronics a challenge. Controller Area Network (CAN) is the new standard… Read More

Ignition System Diagnosis

The ignition system is designed to convert battery voltage into the high voltage required to ignite the air/fuel charge in the cylinders. There are two basic types of ignition systems as defined by SAE: Electronic Ignition (EI) and Distributor Ignition (DI). Although both types are electronic, SAE assigned the term ‘Electronic Ignition’ exclusively to distributorless designs. In contrast, Distributor Ignition… Read More

Subaru P0420 Catalyst Efficency

There are two DTCs present – P0325 for Knock Sensor 1 Circuit, and P0420 Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1). The knock sensor DTC was a straight forward diagnosis. The pigtail for the sensor was damaged. The Catalyst Efficiency DTC is another matter. The part is very expensive and the net result to the customer of replacing it in this… Read More