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MDH Motors is a Subaru specialty repair shop. Get quality repairs at half the rate! Martin Hand has over 13 years experience specializing in the repair of Subaru’s.

Why Choose MDH Motors to repair your Subaru?

  1. We have a $40.00 hour labor rate
  2. We use only OEM Subaru parts
  3. Subaru’s are a breed of there own, choose someone that is familiar with your vehicle

Subaru Special Offer

Are you a new customer? Own a Subaru? Contact us anytime for a free vehicle diagnostic report. We will inspect you vehicle, itemize all needed repairs and put you on a maintenance schedule that will keep your Subaru running healthy. Can’t afford to fix everything at once? We will itemize all needed repairs in a way that you can afford without having to do everything at once. On average MDH Motors repair bills are half the cost of other repairs facilities and you don’t sacrifice quality. This is why I have decided to start my own repair facility. There are just too many dis-honest overpriced repair shops out there and here at MDH Motors we don’t have a lot of overhead so we can afford to offer these rates. Martin will never rush your repair to get to the next; every repair goes through a detailed checklist to make sure it is done correctly. We believe that there is plenty honest work out there and don’t need to push for work. That’s why we have been so successful so far.

  • Quality
  • Honesty
  • Integrity

That is our model!!!

MDH Motors also specializes in:

  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Nissan
  • Volkswagen
  • Volvo

This post was written by: Martin Hand


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About Martin Hand

ASE Certified L1 Advanced Mastertech. Martin Hand has over 15 years experience in Asian and European Import Auto Repair. Specializing in electrical diagnosis, engine performance, AT/MT transmission repair/rebuild. Martin is also pursuing a degree in Computers Science & Information Systems starting at Portland Community College while he plans to transfer to OIT. Certified in Java application level programming, experienced with other languages such as PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and Swift. Martin has future plans of automotive diagnostic software development.


  • Mike Hatten says:

    Mr.Hand I have been all over my car and all over the web, and cant find a hint of help on my issue. I read your write up on subaru manual transmission repair and you seem to be my best hope. I have a 2011 wrx, stock, OEM 5MT, and I replaced my clutch right at a year ago. I have babied it the entire time since, until about 6 months ago I hard launched. It went nowhere, bogged down, and crept away as if all the energy disappeared. Seemingly aince then, there has been a noise that sounds like a metallic knock, when I go forward on initial movement, or backward on initial movement. If I have momentum and decelerate in gear, the knock will recur every time i decelerate or accelerate. Any gear, even reverse….
    P.s., I Have not 100% eliminated the engine mounts as a possibility, but have replaced cv axels and HUBs

    • Martin Hand says:

      I would start by checking the drive train parts to make sure nothing loose like a bad ujoint or something. I would lift the car in the air and have someone duplicate the noise while your underneath inspecting for the noise.

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