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The infamous Subaru Front Wheel Drive Fuse, does your Subaru have one? The older Legacy models (maybe 1991 – 1998) have it located under the hood, passenger rear by the firewall. You will see the fuse holder by it self labeled FWD on the lid. I have also seen them in later Outback’s (2000 and newer) in the fuse box under the hood, it’s an empty fuse slot but you will see the diagram on the fuse box showing you which one.


I have had a lot of customers ask me about the FWD fuse for Subaru’s with an automatic transmission. For those who are not aware of this fuse I will explain. There is a fuse holder under the hood that when installed the vehicle will be in front wheel drive mode only. Now, I have been told over the years by different technicians and customers that by installing the FWD fuse and putting the Subaru into front wheel drive mode you can save on gas and get better acceleration (if the traction is good). Others have told me that this is for towing or special service only and not to do this because you can damage the transmission. The prolonged use in front wheel drive mode can cause lubrication problems and what not.


First off I don’t believe there is lubrication problems from driving it in front wheel drive mode. There is always fluid pressure at the solenoid. It’s a duty cycle solenoid meaning it’s pulse width modulated. The computer controls it by on and off pulses in microseconds. When the FWD fuse is in place the solenoid is off and the fluid pressure is by-passed which means the clutch is released. When in AWD mode the clutch is only released when the computer detects a difference in front to rear wheel speed (tight turns). Have you ever tried to drive a 4WD in a tight turn on pavement, if so then you’ll know why this is necessary for an all wheel drive vehicle? Knowing this and working on these units it just don’t make sense why it would hurt the transmission. If it we’re bad to run the vehicle this way then it would not be so easy to get to, right?


I would like to hear some of your responses. Does anyone have a different opinion on the subject? Even if you agree and just have some insight from experience I would love to hear from you. I will be doing more research, read what the factory service manual has to say about it and revise the post. Until then, thank you for reading. Pictures will come soon.

Here is a response I received by a claimed journeyman transmission rebuilder:
If the fuse is left in for long duration of time, The AWD duty solenoid is not powered up & is not allowing hydraulic pressure of the ATF to the viscous clutch drum which risk’s non lubrication & premature wear to the clutches.

After that statement I started thinking and decided I will be doing more extensive research on this subject, this post will be revised, as for now I stand behind my belief that it will not damage the transmission, thank you for reading.

This post was written by: Martin Hand


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  • Ashley says:

    My Subaru will not go back into FWD after replacing the fuse. The At Oil Temp light flashes 16 times then goes off. What can I do to fix this?

  • Travis says:

    Yeah just put the fuse in mine almost doubled my power it seems ALOT of torque on that driver side axle though, may have to replace after a while. Increase in fuel efficiency, POWER DEFINITELY, potentially longer tire life with proper rotations too. The positive out weighs the negative, I’m considering wiring a toggle switch to the fuse circuit therefore I can switch between if necessary without opening the hood… The older Subarus used to come with an AWD switch, wish they still did. The logistics make sense, less power distribution better fuel economy, more power. I’m definitely a fan of the fuse. 98 Forrester 2.5, 100k

  • Brent Adams says:

    my mechanic said he would not give me a warrant of fitness because of cramping in the rear when turning, if I put the fuse in to revert to FWD will this sort it? what size fuse?

  • Cristobal fleischmann says:

    I’m from chile , my forester runs Grate in the summer and in fwd, and on the winter i put awd and no problem. I need be scare for broke my transmition? I save fuel a lot for big distances

  • Diana G says:

    I have a Subaru Forester 1998. Just had the transmission rebuilt. Shop accidentally put in the fuse putting it in FWD. They pulled the fuse when I told them I wanted it back to AWD, and told them to do that the fuse needed to be out. Is there anything else I need to do to re engage the AWD? I’m not sure it re engaged. ;(

    • Martin Hand Martin Hand says:

      If the AWD is not working with the FWD fuse removed then there is something wrong with the transfer case which is part of the transmission anyways. You would most likely have an AT Oil Temp lite flashing on start up.

  • joe says:

    2006 outback chattering and banging in turrns replaced axeles and one wheel hub ass. same problem ;added fuse runs like new wagon! how long before diff. needs to be replaced

    • Martin Hand Martin Hand says:

      I should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent metal contamination throughout the transmission. The fuse is for temporary use only.

    • Kelly Harmon says:

      I’m going to tell you that it’s probably your clutch duty solenoid ,you tube clutch duty solenoid replacement and you will be able to get more information.

  • chady says:

    I have subaru impreza 2006 automatic 2.0L, i have a problem in shifting down and up in gears, and rpm is down on N, and gas mealage is too hight no fuel economy

  • Peter says:

    I have a2006 legacy 2.5 auto.I have wheel binding when i turn at slow speeds.To recrify the problem.i put the fwd fuse in for summer and take out fuse in winter.we have harsh winters here in mont tremblant.Been doing this for 3 winters and no problems have shown up.The car has over219000kms and still ok.Very little gas savings in fwd

  • Peter Pope Jones says:

    I have a frustrating situation with my 1996 Legacy Outback automatic transmission. It appears to run ONLY in rear wheel drive mode, I even inserted the fuse in the FWD fuse slot under the hood and still she drives only in Rear wheel mode, now this is a Doozey, any suggestions, advice? Thank you in anticipation, Peter

    • Martin Hand Martin Hand says:

      There are only FWD (front wheel drive) and AWD (all wheel drive) modes, no RWD (rear wheel drive) mode. If the rear wheels are only being driven then there is a mechanical failure within the transmission.

      • I have a 1993 first gen 4eat 1.8l Impreza that shifts hard from first to second and downshifts from second to first and revs really high (not slipping) most of the time. If I put the car in fwd all my shifting issues go away. What could be the cause of only in awd?

        • Martin Hand Martin Hand says:

          I highly doubt it’s related the FWD fuse just disables the transfer clutch and put’s it into front wheel drive mode. The shift points and feel are controlled by line pressure and shift solenoids which are different part of the transmission.

    • Peter says:

      That is a strange problem.there is a malfunction in the transfercase for the awd.when fuse releases the electric clutches.Cheaper to get a used trans than repair the old one

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