Sports cars: How to buy the fastest car?

What do you want – just a sporty looking car or one that has high acceleration? The fast cars come in different models ranging from sedans, roadsters, coupes, and hatchbacks. Traction and an ability to pick up lightning speed in a vehicle can work like a charm on an avid car lover. However, to enjoy this, you have to compromise with storage space and seating capacities.

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If you are a hard-core fan of such cars, then it should not be a problem to choose speed over all other things. But how do you decide which sports car is best for you? Although there are countless choices, you can narrow down your focus on the top 30 fastest cars and their features for ease of selection as well as excellent variety. When considering a decision, make sure what you choose has a few specific strengths.


Use of a particular type of engine in a car means a lot when it comes to speed. It doesn’t have to be big-sized. A small unit can be more efficient in terms of handling and creating lesser pressure on the front wheels. Some people prefer manual transmission engine and some automatic models. Those who choose manual option love to enjoy more control over their car, while others who select the latest automatic transmissions go for its acceleration benefits.

Also, some vehicles come equipped with a dual-clutch automatic transmission that uses manual transmission technique too, ensuring faster speed and fuel efficiency.  You can find this in Porsche, Audi, etc. Then, the number of cylinders used in a car engine is also another factor to ponder over. Generally, a car with six cylinders in engine wins favour for having more horsepower and torque.

Driving wheels

Sports cars with rear-wheel drive perform better as it ensures higher weight distribution and directional response. You can drive your vehicle at bends with greater control and ease. However, there are many models which have only front-wheel drive. The problem with this is that you can lose control over your car when a sudden turn appears and it can go flipping. But some Mini Cooper and Volkswagen models are fun to ride despite their front-wheel driving system.


Most of the sports cars come with summer tires, as a result of which, driving them in wet conditions cannot be favorable. To be able to ride them in any season, you need to have a set of all-season tires that are friendly for both dry and moist roads. From this, it is easy to assume that you would need to pay more for getting all-season tires which come with higher traction and handling.

Safety features

While you need to check everything, don’t forget to make sure that your choice of the sports car has basic safety systems fit into it, such as rear view cameras, emergency brakes, telematics device, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation systems, etc.

So, are you planning to buy one anytime soon? If that is the case, then keep all these factors in mind. It will help you find your favourite fastest car without any difficulty. Also, read about: Digital Softw


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