Signs in your Car that you Need/Needn’t Be Bothered About

As you come to know about auto repair and your vehicle, you start to explore areas of concern. It’s very normal. In fact, it’s a healthy sign that eventually leads to better maintenance of your car. Notice closely and you’ll realize that after a while sound maintenance comes naturally to you.

In this article, we help you take the first step. As a vehicle is something that doesn’t come cheap, it should be maintained properly. However, the maintenance of a vehicle is also not cheap so we need to spend money on exactly those things that actually disturb the proper operation of the vehicle.

auto exhaust repair

auto exhaust repair

So, here is a list to find areas for which you need/needn’t be bothered. 


  • The car doesn’t move in a straight line when the steering is left hands free. The causes include unbalanced tire pressure, misaligned wheels, worn-out steering components like a ball joint, idler, etc. get your wheel alignment and balancing service. However, it can also be due to an imbalance in tire pressure. If left as it is, it hampers performance and efficiency.

  • Bad cornering execution of the car can be due to worn out shock absorbers or its components. Get your shockers tested by the auto repair centre.

  • If one end of your vehicle is lower than the other, probably the springs have worn out. If that’s the case, get them replaced. The cause can be overloading or excessive cornering.

  • If your vehicle pulls itself to one side when the brakes are applied, get its brake shoes tested. Brakes can also pose a challenge when they scrape or grind during heavy braking. If your brake light illuminates on the instrument panel, get it checked immediately.

  • If the engine gives the difficulties while starting, the check engine light is on, excessive vibration during idling, bad acceleration, bad fuel economy or any leakage in engine oil, etc., take the car to a reputable auto repair.

  • If you experience abrupt and hard shifts between gears, check for the gear oil.

  • Sometimes their transmission doesn’t shift during normal acceleration and that’s a major sign for concern.

  • Any delay in response when shifting from forward to reverse gear can also be a matter of concern. Most probably, the transmission is taking time to operate.

  • If the exhaust is emitting black smoke, get it tested from a reputed auto exhaust repair shop near you. It may be due to some impurity in gas or maybe in the path which it travels in.


  • If the vehicle pulls itself in one direction, get your tires properly inflated and check it again. Now, if it doesn’t, there’s nothing to be bothered about.

  • If the brake light is on, fill in the brake oil in adequate quantity, and now if it goes off, everything is fine.

  • If you are dicey about the health of your shock absorbers, there’s a way to be sure. Bounce every shock absorber individually and check if it bounces more than twice. If it does, the shock absorber is not weak.

  • Any misalignment, bad fuel economy, bad acceleration, or inclination towards one end of the vehicle can be due to badly inflated tires.

  • If you find your AC vents pouring some tiny droplets of clear water, you needn’t be concerned as it’s some normal condensation.

Considering these points, now you can pretty much determine if your vehicle needs any repair from professionals. If anything unknown pops up, contact your auto repair shop now. We hope that we have covered the most concerning points.

This post was written by: Kate Westall


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