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MDH Motors is your local family owned repair shop for reasonable automotive repair. We offer an awesome $40.00 an hour labor rate and have low mark up on your replacement parts. Martin Hand has over 13 years in experience in Asian and European Import auto repair and has been a L1 ASE Master Technician plus ATRA Certified for 10 years. Here are some of the vehicles we specialize in repair on:

  • Toyota

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  • Honda

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  • Subaru

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  • Volkswagen

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  • Volvo

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We also specialize in other models of Asian Imports such as Nissan,Mazda,Kia and Hyundai. Don’t worry if you don’t own any of these type of vehicles we also offer repairs on Domestic vehicle. Just Contact Us with your problem and we can schedule you an appointment.

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Did we mention that our labor on repairs is $40.00 an hour? All repairs also come with a 18/18 Warranty!

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About Martin Hand

ASE Certified L1 Advanced Mastertech. Martin Hand has over 15 years experience in Asian and European Import Auto Repair. Specializing in electrical diagnosis, engine performance, AT/MT transmission repair/rebuild. Martin is also pursuing a degree in Computers Science & Information Systems starting at Portland Community College while he plans to transfer to OIT. Certified in Java application level programming, experienced with other languages such as PHP, Ruby, JavaScript and Swift. Martin has future plans of automotive diagnostic software development.

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