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The average American adult has around three credit cards in his or her wallet at any given point. On the one hand, credit cards help to consolidate monthly expenses, but on the other, they can ruin credit scores big time. The latter only happens when the user spends more than the credit limit or fails to pay their dues to the credit card company on time. The accumulation of credit card debt in the country is concerning. However, there are certain types of credit cards that do help in recuperating personal finances and improving credit scores.

Car Service

Car Service

What are store cards?

The most useful among them is the retail cards or store cards. Several multi-national and pan-USA stores offer store cards to their patrons. Firestone stores provide customers with a similar credit card service through the Credit First National Association (CFNA). However, it does not work like conventional credit and debit cards. You cannot use the Firestone card at ATMs or other brand stores to pay for your purchases. You can only use them at the numerous Firestone locations across the country. You can charge expensive purchases and automobile services to the card to make the payment convenient and manageable.

Who can get a firestone card?

Qualifying for the CFNA Bridgestone and Firestone store card is ideal for those, who spend significantly at the stores for purchasing tires and repair services. It is one of the perfect card options if you are struggling with suboptimal FICO scores. The Firestone credit card does not demand a good or excellent credit record. Additionally, there is no chance of overspending as long as you pay the net amount back within six months from the date of purchase. CFNA does not run a thorough background check or loan check before handing over the store credit card. Therefore, people with limited disposable income find it easy to finance their pre-emptive car repairs and replacement purchases.

Why do people love the Firestone store card?

The Firestone credit card has many perks and here are a few of them –

  1. It comes with 0 annual fees
  2. It bears a $2 minimum finance charge for users
  3. The user can break any purchase amounting to a total of $149 into easy installments of six months
  4. It charges no extra fee or interest upon payment of the entire charged amount within stipulated timeline
  5. You can use it at any Firestone location across the US. Currently, there are 1700+ Firestone Complete Auto Care locations.

The main concern of all Firestone credit card users is its sky-high APR. CFNA currently charges an APR of 22.8%, but it only applies to purchase payments that remain due after six months of financing. However, all users must be aware that CFNA does not charge the interest on the remaining amount, but the initial amount of purchase. That can be quite formidable considering people often require multiple tire replacements, oil changes, tire rotations, and other services at a single go. Missing a payment can weigh heavily on a Firestone card user’s finances.

What are the added perks of Firestone credit cards?

Many users and critiques complain that the Firestone credit card lacks cashback and rewards points. It is true that it does not have the lucrative travel points, cashback and other services most conventional credit cards bear, but the Firestone credit card makes up for it by offering tons of coupons and special offers to the patrons.

  1. The card also gives special offers and free deals, like complimentary tire rotations with each oil change.
  2. All Firestone credit card holders receive monthly coupons that help them save a fortune in terms of service charges at the Bridgestone and Firestone stores.
  3. They give the cardholders mail-in rebates from time to time that provide incredible discounts on the purchase of brand name tires and automotive services.

What should you know before using a Firestone retail credit card?

Here, you must note that the current APR is 22.8% as of 2019, but it can change anytime, according to the fine print on the card. If you miss a payment date, it can attract a penalty of $15 and $25 on all balances under $100 and greater than $100 respectively. The penalty charges and APR application can be complicated for any new user. If you want to use the Firestone credit card, remember to clear your dues on time. In the event of a late payment or missed payment, speak with the CFNA Firestone card executive for more information.

Why should you always carry a Firestone credit card?

Since there are no additional costs, most people keep a Firestone credit card for emergencies. Nothing hurts your finances worse than a car breaking down in the middle of the month. Without an emergency fund, it is almost impossible to take care of the entire payment. During such a calamity, you can charge the whole amount on the card and then finance it according to your convenience. The Firestone credit card facilitates the easy breakdown of imposing purchase or service amounts at Firestone. Instead of worrying about emergency funds and family finances, you can confidently whip out the card to get all necessary services and parts for your vehicle.

Should you try for Firestone alternatives?

Many people believe that one can get better deals with other credit card companies. However, people with poor credit have limited options. They are unlikely to qualify for the premium credit cards in the market that offer oodles of reward points and cash back on every purchase. In fact, people with poor credit records should not think about getting high-profile credit cards that make paying monthly dues challenging due to the high upper limit. They contribute to personal debt significantly. In fact, the easy availability of credit cards has exacerbated the surmounting debt problem in the US. Store credit cards are beneficial since it helps those with a shortage of cash buy the necessities with the help of amicable financing options.

Although CFNA is a third-party credit card service provider, the Firestone credit card customer service has been consistent. The Firestone brand name dates back 120 years, and the credit card offers the same level of customer satisfaction, and security the brand has delivered to the buyers across the 50 states.

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