Noah All Weather Car Covers Save The Day

You probably have heard the company Cover craft as they are well known worldwide for their expertise. They manufacture a wide range covers for vehicles, ensuring that everyone, in every climate and environment, is covered.

Amongst others, the Noah cover is a popular choice, as it is for all weather conditions. Cover craft make Noah using a unique three-layered material made of bi-component fibers. The core inner layers, is made from a tough nylon combined together with polypropylene. The outer layer is made from polypropylene too, so therefore has softness to it, but still shields and protects the car from all sorts of weather conditions and uv rays. Sandwiched between the two is a layer of micro-porous film, adding another form of protection. This film is a breathable material, so that air and condensation is allowed out, away from the pontiac firebird.

Car Cover

Car Cover

The technology of the material will prevent any rain, sleet, snow, or sun from reaching the car Ans harming it. These ‘wonderful’ elements of nature have adverse effects on both the exterior and interiors of vehicles. Noah car cover protects other hindrances such as dust, tree sap and birds droppings from settling on to the vehicle. As Noah is made of three layers, it gives a cushioning affect to knocks, dents, and scratches, whether they arrive from the wind or people walking past.

You will see that Noah is an extremely practical cover. It can be hand washed when dirty, so there is no need to take it to the cleaners. What’s more is that you don’t have to wait for it to be fully dry before folding up. Noah can be folded up whilst still damp, and will resist the growth of mildew and or mound. When folded, it is very compact and not space taking at all, giving you the opportunity to bring it with you in the trunk, wherever you’re going. In order to make putting on and taking off easier for you, both the front and rear ends are elasticated to give you more room, and flexibility.

Cover craft make all their covers custom sized, and Noah is included. You select the type of cover, the make, year and model of your car, and the cover is tailor made for you. You can choose the colour and design, and even place a logo on the front! Noah will then be made to fit your car’s contours, taking in the mirror and aerial to consideration, and making pocket for them. Having a custom cover, not only makes the car look more upper class and smart even whilst covered, but also provides a better form of protection, as there is no space for anything to sneak in.

Outdoor Vs. Waterproof Car Covers – What’s The Difference?

When researching the best car cover to buy shoppers are faced with two terms that may seem to be synonymous, but they are not. The term outdoor means that the product can withstand light weather, whereas waterproof means the product is capable of resisting most levels of moisture.

This article explains the difference between the many different types of fabrics used to make car covers. With more than twenty different fabric names in common use, it is not only difficult to remember what is, but it also can be challenging to determine what is best for your situation.

The products made by two factories, Cover craft (CC) and Cover king (CK), will be used to highlight the differences between outdoor covers and those that are waterproof. There are others, but these are the premium factories in the USA. Plus, both factories use a similar rating system (1 to 5 points) to help consumers rate the appropriateness of each fabric to a specific condition.

For the sake of clarity, an outdoor fabric is one that is suitable for light weather conditions, but not for heavy or extended periods of precipitation. Here, too, you will find fabrics that have many different qualities. For example, the Tigard (CK) material is a 3-layer fabric that’s okay for light use. It’s great for a vehicle that you might have tucked away under a carport, but definitely not made for an automobile parked on the street or in the driveway getting full exposure.

By contrast, the Silver guard (CK) material is a UV tolerant material that’s perfect for everyday on the street or in the driveway, because the fabric can withstand constant exposure to the sun. This makes it ideal for use in warm, sunny climates, but again, not for long periods of exposure to precipitation. The Umbrella (CC) fabric offers similar qualities.

Cover craft’s Block-It fabric is a step up from Silver guard and Umbrella in its ability to handle wet weather. It’s a 4-layer polypropylene construction that’s capable of handling all weather conditions, but it’s not 100% waterproof. The trade-off is the level of breath-ability it provides. It’s a great solution for anyone that needs both indoor and outdoor protection. Plus, the 4-layers of thickness allow it to absorb parking lot abuse so you don’t get door dings, nicks and scratches.

To be truly waterproof, a cover needs to offer excellent all-weather protection. That includes extended periods of rain, snow or icing. Perhaps the most well-known fabric for this type of climate condition is Noah (CC).

The Noah fabric is produced by Kimberly-Clark. One of the original developments for wet weather use, the material weighs only 4.45 ounces per square yard, making it super easy to fold and store. It’s a multi-layer system with a barrier fabric that prevents water penetration. At the same time, it breathes, allowing trapped moisture to evaporate. If you need all-weather protection, this needs to be a serious consideration.

Competing head-to-head with Noah is Stormproof (CK). It’s a microfiber technology system that uses microscopic, synthetic yarns. Unlike many of the cheaper products on the market, Stormproof is uncoated and untreated. Where the treated fabrics will begin to fail after just one or two seasons, the microfiber material will continue to resist water and other exterior conditions naturally for years. What’s more, it’s one of the softest car covers around.

Before you make your final selection, be sure to check off all of the boxes. There’s a big difference between outdoor and waterproof. Make sure you get the right material for your climate and use conditions.

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