Ingenious Technology: Infrared Detectors for Car

In 2017, around 6,000 pedestrians were killed in vehicle crashes in the US The ones who are at risk are drivers impaired by alcohol and pedestrians. In the same year, 20 percent of all pedestrian deaths accounted for those aged 65 and above. Other risk factors include higher vehicle speeds, non-intersection locations, and while driving at night. The numbers do not lie.

For this reason, several companies are focusing their research and development and making detectors more intelligent such as an infrared deer detector for car. Here are some key features that companies need to be focusing on.

Infrared Light and Detectors

Most warm objects release radiation. Some heat-sensitive cameras detect infrared radiation. Other benefits of infrared include detoxification, reduction of muscle tension, pain relief, and lowering of blood pressure. Infrared detectors can also pick-up on things that are difficult to see, such as gas emissions. Some firefighters also usually use them on smoky scenarios where visibility is difficult.

The applications of the infrared light are many. In particular, some detectors are designed to detect warm objects from a distance of several hundred feet despite poor visibility conditions such as night, fog, or rain. As a safety feature, some high-quality detectors can even detect these objects emitting heat for as far as 3,000 feet away.

Artificial Intelligence

AI or artificial intelligence is when human intelligence is simulated in machines, such as when they are programmed to think like humans. Some people fear artificial intelligence, but so far, it has been benefitting the economy by performing better and more productive tasks. While some machines have replaced the work of humans, there are still some other skills that require a higher form of thinking.

Once a technology only used by scientists and the military, infrared technology is equipped in detecting animals or pedestrians at a distance. Such is found in an infrared deer detector for cars. It is designed to alert you immediately once it detects a warm object even thousands of feet away.


Not counting the cost of healthcare involved in car collision accidents, you also have to think of litigation fees and car repair costs. While some of these costs may be covered by insurance, other fees such as those involving litigation are usually not. Sometimes, the accident is so extreme that the occupants of the car will be unable to work for months or even years that follow. Depending on your job’s requirements, the inability to deliver output will severely affect job security and opportunities as some effects of the accident may even be permanent of a physical or psychological nature.

One psychological effect of surviving a vehicular accident is PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD is manifested by avoidance behaviors, intrusive memories, and negative changes in thinking and mood. While some persons can cope with PTSD, some have difficulty in dealing with it. These persons most often have problems in looking for employment as well as maintaining relationships.

Technology has come a long way. Most technologies are used to make things more convenient as well as to prolong life. While some technologies are designed to deal with the effects, some innovations are designed to prevent a dangerous event in which lives may be lost. As in all situations, prevention is always better.

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