Importance Of Proper Car Tyre Service

Cars have now become a necessity rather than a luxury, and with such new, advanced, and budget-friendly cars bombarding the automotive industry, it is not at all surprising to see almost every family owning one or more cars. Whether you are the proud owner of your small and compact car or a luxury car, it is important to ensure that you look into the maintenance of your car periodically. Getting your car serviced and maintained by professionals on a regular basis will guarantee the long-life of your car.

Tyre Service

Tyre Service

When we think about car maintenance, it is usually the car’s engine, accessories, outer body, etc., that comes into our mind. Though all these are equally important, there is another part of the car which requires proper maintenance – the car tyres. It is not enough to simply top up the air pressure in the tyres, rather there are a lot of things that you should look into as part of your car tyre service.

Some of the major things that fall under a good Car Tyre Service:

  • Pressure In The Tyres: The first and foremost part is to check whether there is sufficient inflation pressure in the tyres. This is important as it has a direct effect on your car’s tyre performance, fuel economy, and safety. During your car tyre service, you should ensure that the inflation pressure is as per the recommended level. You can find out the recommended level in your cars’ vehicle manual. Having insufficient inflation pressure leads to a number of problems such as cracking, air loss, reduction in load capacity, heat and mechanical damage, etc. Excess inflation pressure leads to unnecessary vehicle vibration and uncomfortable driving experience.
  • Check For Wear And Tear: If you use your car regularly, then it is recommended that you get a monthly car tyre service done wherein you can check the tyres for any wear and tear. This check is absolutely important to ensure your safety while driving. If you notice any kind of damage, such as the tread of the tyre has worn out, cracks, bulges, air loss, penetrations, etc., it is best to get the tyre checked by a professional. Ignoring these damages can lead to skidding and accidents.
  • Tyre Rotation: During your car tyre service, it is important to check the vehicle suspension and the wheel alignment as well. It is always recommended to rotate your tyres once you complete 10,000 kms. The car tyres can become damaged due to over/under inflation, damage to suspension parts, imbalance of the wheel, misalignment, lack of rotation, etc.
  • Mounting And De-Mounting The Tyre: Unless you possess the necessary skill and knowledge, do not attempt to mount or de-mount the car tyres on your own, as it can lead to serious injuries.

Some of the guidelines that one should follow while Mounting or De-Mounting the Tyres:

  • Ensure that you use a new tube for a new tyre.
  • The rim should not be bent and there should be no dirt or rust on it.
  • Always use professional equipment such as a mounting machine.
  • Use a mild soap to lubricate the tyre beads before you mount or de-mount the tyres.
  • The correct combination of tyre and rim should be used.
  • Ensure that you follow the measurements provided by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Check the load-carrying capacity of the new tyres and make sure that it is as per the original specification.
Tyre Service

Tyre Service

Tyres usually are built for a long-lasting life and they can be easily maintained by ensuring proper car tyre service at regular intervals. Along with the tyres which are in use, you should also keep your spare tyre in good working condition.

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