How To Fix The Starter Motor Of The Car? Is Replacement Of Starter Motor A Solution?

Is your automobile’s starter making strange noises? If you think that the sound is not right, you got to do something. Leaving it like that can cause more problems. The starter motor may get worse and eventually require a replacement. Given that a car starter motor is the main component of the car, you have to be careful. If there is slow cranking, it may be due to the car battery or the starter. It is necessary to get your car inspected or get the car battery inspected in particular. On average, depending on the range of problems and the repairing needed, the cost can go up to $ 300 to almost $ 400.  If the starter motor is completely damaged, you have to consider starter motor replacement. Only a professional car technician can tell you whether replacement is required or not.

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Auto Electrician

Should You Fix Starter Motor On Your Own?

For some people, a car is the most prized possession as it favours long drives. People spend their savings to buy a car of their dreams. Observe your car properly and hear the noise it makes. If you don’t take care of the car, you may get stranded anywhere and anytime. After having inspected the battery, check the connections. Each and every connection should be clean and tight. Check the voltage of the starter end. The starter motor must get power to a sufficient level. Generally, if you have experienced starter motor repairing professionals, you will get the work done within a span of two to four hours. How much tight squeeze is needed depending on the nuts and bolts and how to deal with the squeezes is another factor that you must keep in your mind.

Find A Professional For Starter Motor Repair And Fix Up

Contact a professional car repair provider to inspect your car. He can inspect each and every component of your car and mainly the starter motor. If the car starter motor makes noises, you should stop using the car and summon a professional. Disconnect car battery and just remove the car motor. You may have to strip down a car motor in order to trace the fault. But, some motors don’t require any stripping. If at all starter motor replacement is required, a technician can tell you about the model you need to choose.

Auto Electrician

Auto Electrician

Telltale Signs To Prove That The Starter Motor Needs Replacement

The starting system of a vehicle is quite complicated. The mechanism of the starter system stands out. A starter system is driven electrically and connects with the flywheel. If the starter system needs replacement, it will show certain signs:

  • Do you hear loud clicks as soon as you turn on the key? This is the first sign showing that there is a problem in the starter system. You can check the work done and then follow up the same routine after every six months or one year when there is a need for a starter replacement. Kits are also available.
  • You can again hear grinding noises when you start a car. If this happens to you, then you can say that there is a problem in the starter motor. It may be that the mounting bolt has gone lose and this resulted in the poor alignment of flywheel and pinion gear.
  • Again, engine cracking can be another sign of starter motor going out. So, the car will crank and then stop. Immediately see a car repair provider.

Proper diagnostics can only help to trace out the problem in the car. Whether you need starter repair or starter replacement, it may only be revealed by a professional.

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