How Can The Automotive Industry Revive Their Business?

Maruti Suzuki reports zero sales in April 2020 – this had made captivating headlines in the entire automotive market. True, that pandemic impact has affected all businesses. But has anyone ever thought in their wildest dreams about a corporation like Maruti having a zero sale? Well, here we shall specifically focus on the techniques that help maintain sales and brand value in the market despite any adverse condition. One of those low-cost, high-benefit activities is local search engine optimization. Automotive Search Engine Optimization or SEO is usually defined as a methodology to enhance the online presence of a particular automotive establishment.

These practices have become essential over time as any consumer now starts their research through simple research on their phone or laptop and thoroughly reads the details about the options they can avail. Therefore having a strong online footing can give your automotive business an edge and increase your credibility amongst the local consumers.

How can local SEO help maintain the bottom line of the automotive industry?

Strategic online advertising and search engine optimization has evidently been one of the crucial components for attracting new customers. This has not left behind the automotive industry too. Putting the right strategic techniques of local search engine optimization not only benefits the industry but also helps businesses to gain more traction and churn out better conversions.

Strategize the local SEO to put your automotive business on the map

As the number of competitors in the industry increases exponentially, you can establish and target the local audience through an effective website. Your website is what defines your first impression on the potential customers and make sure that you nail it and capture their attention. Know your target viewers and optimize your homepage according to the help of meaningful keywords and tools like Google My Business.  Several companies have observed the wonders that local SEO for the automotive industry can perform. Here we discuss the several strategies that when implemented efficiently can help the growth of your business.

1. The key to conversions is presenting relevant and qualitative content

Well-known search engines design their algorithms to amalgamate relevance, prominence, and distance while searching for the perfect matches to the user’s search and yielding results for the same. In order to engage the prospective patron, provide them with fresh and relevant content. Search engines usually love that and push such content further, more often than not. A regular update on the inventory might not be sufficient to do trick. Publishing some interesting blogs or a news section instead is a lot more helpful for outranking your competitors. This kind of content when optimized locally and tagged with appropriate information can pique the interest of the community. Local SEO for the automotive industry can also involve putting forward articles about some local events, automobile launches, a fundraiser, charity event, or some local neighborhood that encourages the post to be shared among the clique.

2. Claim and maintain your Google My Business page

It is of utmost importance for any automotive company to register and claim their business listing on Google My Business since it is the fastest and easiest way to establish prominence for your brand through Google. When this listing is done with the right information it has a positive impact on your online traffic and eases the client’s way to your inventory. While setting your account, ensure that you are equipped with a profile and header image, a description of your business, and all the verified details of the contacts. Also, select the appropriate categories and timings and enlist the name, address, and phone number in a manner coherent with your website.

The organic traffic from local SEO of automotive companies helps improve your website ranking on the search engines. After listing your business successfully maintain it regularly in order to maximize Google My Business’s potential. One can also make some other modifications like choosing a primary category for your business, displaying a star product, keeping the photos up to date, and adding genuine reviews about your business. This demonstrates that the company takes its business seriously and is actively serving their customers.

3. Use Schema mark-up to provide clarity to the users

Using good Schema is the most tried and tested way to boost local SEO. Clear Schema markup helps the visitors to understand your website better and results in a more engaged audience which results in improving your search rankings. In order to make your content visible across all horizons, you should add additional markup types along with LocalBusiness or AutoDealer to implement a multi-faceted approach. The Schema also powers Google’s knowledge graph and increases click-through rates, therefore, funneling into improved rankings on the search engines.

4. Always use citations and collect local links

When performing local SEO for the automotive industry, it is important to establish a sense of trust with the audience. It can be achieved through inbound links from other authoritative and reputable local websites or by teaming up with well-known businesses that could benefit from the exchange. Also, having citations that align with your website’s information helps the potential patron to cross-check your business and verify the legitimacy of the same. Search engines like Google heed major attention to such accuracy and appreciate SEO citations from websites like,, and

5. Finally, monitor your website analytics regularly

An integral part of performing local SEO for the automotive industry is keeping a check on the performance of your website on a regular basis. Reviewing the analytics will help you demarcate the strategies that yield better results and streamline your focus towards building ideas for pushing them forward. A review as frequent as one in every four days is guaranteed to provide you with useful information as to which content is more popular, what are your top landing sites, and top website referrals. The integration of all the above-mentioned pointers along with some improvisations or customizations can provide a holistic result for the growth of your automotive business.

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