Grow Brand Awareness In Local By Vehicle Wraps

Brand awareness is the extent to which consumers recognize the product or service that you provide by your brand. To create a big buzz around your brand in a market that has little to no white space for the product you are selling can be quite challenging for any company. You invest hundreds and thousands for marketing getting the word about your brand out and about. A similar effort can start at home or office by deciding to get car wraps to market your service. Branding by vehicle graphics printing plays a major role in getting the attention of the local audience. It is comparatively cost-effective and gets the job done efficiently.

Everything you need to know about car wraps and brand awareness

Car wraps are vinyl stickers that are applied to your car and can be customized as per your needs. They can be designed out of different types of vinyl like chrome vinyl, carbon fiber vinyl, and matte vinyl. They also act a protective layering between the outside world and your car’s paint by preventing the small nicks and dings in car paint. This vinyl car wraps last for approximately six-years which is a pretty long time in terms of car years.

Car wraps act as mobile billboards

These are an appropriate way to extend your marketing strategies as getting your car wraps customized with your brand’s logo or a catchy tagline draws eyeballs while you are driving around. As mentioned, they act as mobile billboards and you are constantly flashing your brand wherever and whenever you go. Car wraps are the go-to marketing strategies for businesses that rely heavily on local advertising and also for the services that involve fleet cars like any kind of delivery service be it Post or food. Having fleet cars gives your brand an edge. Seeing such a fleet car with your logo or name everywhere gives a sense of familiarity with the consumer and develops trust for the brand. Also, businesses that rely on visual products like photography or graphic designers can grab the opportunity to display their work which will, in turn, attract more business and deals.

Get an experienced vehicle wrap designer

Vehicles are a pretty personal commodity and having them covered in a design can be a pretty big deal. Make sure you hire a well-known graphic designer and if you have one in your team guide him appropriately so that you obtain the desired results. You can try to find a designer who has some experience working with your industry and is open to revision in the final product. You can discuss with your designer whether your marketing idea fits in well with a small design, large design or a fleet design. His suggestion might help you decide if you want to keep the car wrap minimalistic or go all out.

Hire a professional for the application process

Once you the car wrap designed and printed the next step is to apply the vinyl on the vehicle. It is always advised to get your design printed on high-quality vinyl which will ensure that it lasts for a long time. Also a professional should be hired to imperfect finish on the car wrap and do away with the bubbles and blemishes that might arise. If you try to make this a DIY project you are likely to damage the design that is so beautifully created and printed. The overall cost of a car wrap can range from $2500 to $5000 depending on the level of customization you go for. But stats show that in return you obtain approximately thirty to eighty thousand views in a single day depending on the route and traffic.

Strategic marketing of your brand

Once you get your vehicle wrapped with the design of your liking you can maintain some strategies so that your brand gets the required attention. You can get your vehicles parked in high traffic areas rather than closed garages. This will increase the visibility of your brand.  Traffic jams are now your new friends. Always opt for busier street and lower speed limits that will divert the passerby’s attention for a prolonged time. Take this vehicle when going for meetings and park in front of your office or workspace so that the customers can easily locate your business.

Car wraps are an age-old tried and tested method to raise brand awareness

Vehicle graphics have been around since the late 19th century and some well-known brands around the world like Kellogg and Ford have used such techniques to make their mark in the market. Even today when we see a FedEx truck we are aware of the service about the service it delivers and this kind of brand recognition is utterly essential to draw in customers. Getting your car wrapped with such attractive designs that make your brand stand out among the crowd and represent what you and your business stand for is a step towards effective branding and marketing.

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