Groundbreaking Technologies Making Way In The Automobile Industry

In the near future you will see a few path breaking technologies being used in the automobile industry. Just like the mobile phones have become smarter nowadays and you can do much more than making calls using these innovative devices, the future cars will also allow you to do a lot of other things part from driving and parking.

Car Mechanic

Car Mechanic

In recent past years, the automobile industry has joined with some of the major technology companies to design and deliver the most advanced, sophisticated, safe and most comfortable cars to their customers. In fact the modern cars are large smart devices than just cars driven by humans. These modern cars come with innovative and often surprising features such as:

  • Advanced emergency braking facilities
  • Mapping technology facilitating autonomous driving
  • Better fuel efficiency and much more.

Cars now are not just a form or mode of transportation that helps people to get from point A to point B. It is a mini-office or even a home of sorts.

  • There are lots of ways in which these modern cars can improve the lives of passengers as well as the drivers. With such a developing trend, it is expected that cars in the future will have more features in the coming years as the automobile industry is expected to invest more on their research and development programs.
  • Not only for the drivers, the modern development and use of technology in the auto industry has also helped the consumers by a large extent. The technological advancement has given the control back to the consumers now allowing them to buy, sell and even finance cars with simple use of their smartphones.

Critics and experts say that the world of automobiles is just one step further from a more connected and digital environment.

Fuel efficient cars

With each passing year and for different reasons, fuel has become and is becoming dearer and therefore the focus of the automobile industry is on designing cars that are more fuel efficient. The advanced technologies used have enabled the automotive industry to move closer to this dream and change it into a reality in the near future.

Some of the major car companies are at forefront of such fuel efficiency movement and they are following specific ways to reach to their goal. Here are a few notable facts.

  • They are now designing and launching a slew of electric cars and hybrid vehicles that need very little charge to drive hundreds of miles.
  • Since 2016, more than 2 million such vehicles are sold worldwide showing the impact it has had in the automotive industry and this figure is sure to rise in the near future.
  • More and more automobile manufacturers are taking on to producing electric cars. According to study reports, VW and General Motors have already unveiled electric cars and on the other hand Volvo is said to have started producing engines that are equipped with an electric motor.

If you are worried about the cost factor then be informed that these electric vehicles are very affordable. With prices of Hyundai, Kia and Toyota hybrid cars as low as $30,000, it is clear that investing in such cars is within reach of the common people and will soon be adopted widely around the globe. According to a census, out of all vehicles in the US, 20% to 25% will be electric cars by 2030. As for China, the same figure is expected to reach up to 35%.

Predictive vehicle technology

Just as in designing websites for businesses or even review sites that publish different neutral and impartial reviews such as debt settlement reviews, product reviews, company reviews and others, the use of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning is noticeable in the auto industry as well.

  • AI and ML plays a very significant role to determine the future of the automotive industry because the predictive capabilities are used more and more and are becoming more prevalent in the modern cars. This ensures a better and more personalized driving experience.
  • Predictive vehicle technology in cars is a complex subject and more car manufacturers are incorporating special algorithms to use the data captured and use it to automate different processes such as setting up a vehicle and the infotainment system built inside the cars.
  • An application preference is the primary focus as vehicles now are becoming more of an IoT device. This means these can be connected to smartphones to deliver voice commands simply by changing the user interface.
  • Few car manufacturers also use sensors within the car as a part of the predictive vehicle technology. These sensors inform the car owner whether or not it needs servicing from a mechanic.

Such info is provided by analyzing the mileage and the condition of the car by the technology that also helps to estimate the level of performance of the car, set up an appointment in real time, and inform the car owner about the safety hazards if any that is linked with malfunctioning in the car and when it is due for a company recall.

Self-driving technology and CaaS

Self-driving functionality is another aspect of the autonomous driving technology and there are many car companies that have already tested it on open roads. This innovative feature includes semi-autonomous and driver-assisted technologies such as:

  • Automatic braking sensors
  • Mapping technology
  • Motorway lane sensors
  • Blind spots monitor
  • Rear and front cameras
  • Self-parking capabilities and
  • Adaptive cruise control.

Cars-as-a-Service or CaaS is another step to the future of the cars that primary deals with the car rental service. If you have a smart device and the requisite app you can hail a car with driverless technology through it. The most significant thing about this technology is that you will not need a driver’s license to access these vehicles for your transportation and delivery needs. This type of service is expected to roll out by the end of 2025.

Therefore, the future of the automobile industry looks brighter as the technologies used will provide safer alternative to human drivers and at the same time will lower down the mobility services cost by a significant margin. Also read about Technographx.

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