General Indicator Lights

A service indicator light comes on in your instrument panel, your car seems to be running fine:

  • Is it severe?
  • Can the problem wait until I can schedule an appointment?
  • Does my vehicle need immediate attention?
  • Should I turn off vehicle and have it towed immediately to prevent additional damage?

Here is A color guide for warning &/or service indicators:

For the most part, a symbol in RED indicates a potentially serious problem or safety issue. It is also used to indicate an important reminder. A YELLOW &/or ORANGE indicator means something needs to be serviced or repaired soon. If the symbol is flashing, it is truly important that you take your car to a repair facility immediately. A GREEN or BLUE symbol is for information only, telling you that a system is on or is operating.

Information Displays and Message Centers: click on symbol for additional information
In what is a very, very useful trend, vehicle manufacturers are using more and more information displays to inform drivers of what features are in use, how they are operating, and what maintenance, if any, may be needed.


Symbols Found in Diesel-powered Vehicles: click on symbol for additional information

The following are symbols used only in diesel powered vehicles.

  • water_in_fuel_indicator
  • glow_plug_symbol_indicator
  • Diesel_Particulate_Filter_symbol_2
  • diesel_exhaust_filter


Special and Advanced Feature Symbols and Indicators: click on symbol for additional information

The symbols and indicators in this next group are associated with special and advanced automotive features. The symbols generally are shown on the instrument panel in green when the systems are active. Other symbols are shown when there is a problem with the system, and will be yellow or red.


Symbols and Indicators for Hybrid Vehicles: click on symbol for additional information

For the most part, they tell a driver when a particular system is operating and/or in what mode. Remember that a flashing light likely indicates a problem that should be addressed.

  • ready_indicator
  • ev_mode_indicator


Lighting Indicators and Symbols: click on symbol for additional information

The following are all related to your vehicle’s lighting system.

  • Tail_light_out_indicator
  • tail_light_indicator_canada
  • high-beam_assistant_indicator
  • high_beam_indicator
  • headlight_levelling
  • headlamp_symbol_indicator
  • daytime_running_lights
  • auto_headlamp_dimmer_indicator