Fuel Injection Service, Will It Help My Vehicles Performance?

Fuel injector cleaning is a process that removes build-up from your vehicle’s fuel system.  If your vehicle is hesitating  or difficult to start, or if you notice that your gas mileage is not as efficient as it used to be,  your car may be trying to tell you something. The need to have your injectors cleaned depends on the condition of your vehicle. How is your driving? Do you regularly keep up with scheduled maintenance or has it been a while since your vehicle has been serviced? Do you fill your car with premium quality gasoline or do you usually choose the cheapest fuel you can find at the pump?

Removing the buildup of dirt and particles in your fuel system will not only help restore and improve your vehicle’s performance and reduce emissions. It will also help improve your gas mileage and overall drivability. Motorvac  fuel injection service is designed to restore fuel efficiency and improve emissions. Upon completion, you should experience better gas mileage and improved drivability.

The Benefits of Fuel Injection Service

Saves you   money — improves fuel mileage and heads off costly repairs Reduces  air pollution
Reduces  the risk of breakdowns Increases  safety and dependability
Contributes  to the overall performance of your vehicle

Why Do Preventive Maintenance?
A properly maintained vehicle will operate more efficiently, be more dependable, last longer and ensure a safer ride for you and your family. Your owner’s manual outlines detailed maintenance schedules that should be performed on all your vehicle’s components and systems. These maintenance schedules are mileage driven.

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How do I know if I need to have my injectors serviced?

The most correct answer to this question is that you have had them diagnosed by a professional technician and they were deemed faulty. There are other reasons to have them serviced or at least checked out.

  1. You are rebuilding the engine.
  2. It’s a high mileage vehicle and you’ve noticed increased fuel consumption.
  3. Your “check engine” light is on  and there is a fuel system related code.
  4. You have failed an emission      inspection.
  5. You noticed a driveability problem: Poor idle, loss of performance, hesitation, hard starting, detonation, surging or misfiring.

Engine Performance Warning Signs:

      • You lose power
      • Your gas mileage drops
      • Your engine “knocks” when it accelerates  (aka, “pingning”)
      • Stalling
      • Hesitation when starting even when the battery easily turns the engine over
      • Engine continues to sputter after you turn the ignition off
      • A noxious (harmful) exhaust odor
      • Engine runs rough at any and/or all speeds
      • Backfires, spits or pops
      • Warning lights stay on


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  • You make a great point that fuel injector cleaning removes build-up from the vehicle’s fuel system. My car has been having issues with gas mileage not being efficient and I am thinking of getting some help with the fuel injector. Also, the fact that it can reduce air pollution is a huge benefit because my husband is very environmentally friendly and is always looking for ways to help the environment. Also, I will make sure to do preventative maintenance in the future so that I will not have large, costly repairs.

  • Rick says:

    The car manufacturers don’t generally insist that fuel injection maintenance is essential. They simply suggest that it is not required, if you use the car properly. When you read the manufacturer suggestions, you can find that they recommend Top Tier gasoline. It is expensive, but it contains additives that clean the fuel injector every time gas is pumped. Modern day gasoline contains ethanol and carbon is a natural byproduct of combustion. When your car runs for several thousands of miles, the non-combustible chemicals become sticky and prevent the fuel injector from doing its job.

  • Jack Terry says:

    After knowing what the fuel injectors are and how they work, I think you should also know about how to keep them clean to prevent any damage to the engine by using fuel injector cleaners.
    You can read more here about various types of fuel injector cleaners:
    Good luck

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  • Fabio says:

    Very nice article, I have my own blog about fuel injectors so even I found some interesting information here.

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