Few Things You Should Know About The Audi Service Provider

Audi Service is a premium technology-based Audi car breakdown or maintenance service provider for all models. They have a nationwide network of service stations, workshops, and qualified peripatetic mechanics. They provide services through their qualified, experienced and Audi certified mechanics. Audi Service offers all packages at a very reasonable rate in comparison to other providers. The service packages will not affect your Audi car warranty terms and conditions.

Some services offered by Audi service provider:

  • Periodic maintenance – These are pre-booked services by the customer as per their requirements. This service ranges from the maintenance of specific components/s like Carburettor cleaning, air filter replacement, etc. to the maintenance of complete system/s like fuel ignition system, brake system or complete car maintenance.
  • Regular maintenance- This service offers comprehensive maintenance of a particular car for an agreed time period at frequencies as recommended by Audi.
  • Doorstep service i.e. picks up and return of the car from office or home, the address is an optional feature in this service. You can book an appointment with the car servicing company and they will send their professionals to inspect and take your car to their service station.
  • 24 X 7 roadside breakdown assistance (within 30 – 120 minutes, depending on breakdown location) – This service includes onsite repair (if possible) or providing the customer travel assistance and repairing at the nearest service station after towing.

What are the additional services that you can get?

In addition, the Audi service providers also offer custom made services as per model, age of the car, usage purposes like used for long-distance travel or personnel use and extent of usage, within Audi warranty terms and conditions. In custom made services, they offer application of paint protectors, paint peel off or paint damage rectification, modification of exterior/interior decoration, etc. Audi service can be booked online or through helpline numbers by providing minimal information about the car and one can also get an estimated cost of service. Customers can avail of the services at the nearest possible service station (can be picked from their website) and at the most convenient time. The roadworthy certificate of your car is actually the fitness certificate and you can get the best roadworthy certificate if your car is in a new condition. If you are using a second-hand car, then you can go for the roadworthy certificate after a year.

The Audi service workshops are equipped with advanced state of the art equipment and utilities, used for maintenance and repairing. Oils, lubricants, and spares used at Audi service workshops during maintenance and repairs; are from Audi certified sources.

what do you get to see at the service stations?

At service stations or from doorstep pickups, trained operation executives will attend clients to get their maintenance/ repairing requirements in addition to our routine checks and provide you an estimation and tentative delivery time to avoid any rush. They also maintain a transparent customer service by offering customers to communicate with mechanics and being there during maintenance/ repairing, new installations and/or other ancillary services. The service staffs generally provide you a completion certificate once the work is done.

Benefits with Audi Service

  • Online booking service
  • Wide range of maintenance services including coolant and oil filter status, wiring and the entire cabling of the car.
  • Maintenance/ repair by Audi expert mechanics and advanced tools
  • Usage of Audi certified consumables and spares
  • Services on schedule and delivery as per commitment
  • All services within Audi warranty terms and conditions

The maintenance or repairing your car at the Audi Service center will assure you a quality, convenient and transparent services at all stages, usage of certified spares and support on-demand, at an economical rate. Above all, the above-mentioned services will not affect the Audi warranty of customers.

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