Essential tips to consider when you are buying a dirt Motor bike helmet

Selecting a bike gear is challenging! You have to choose the best gear that blends both price and utility. Do you have a dirt bike? If yes, then chances are you will need to get the best riding gear before you land on the triples. Body protection is essential while you are racing. Hence, the dirt bike helmet is the most essential gear you should invest in. Buying a helmet on impulse is not a smart call. Adequate research is essential for purchasing the helmet.

Dirt Bike Features

A motorcycle or street bike helmet and dirt bike helmet come with structural and functional differences. Simply put, a dirt bike helmet comes with extended chin security that gets designed to secure the rider from the roost. Also, the dirt bike helmets can make use of extra ventilation so that the rider remains comfortable, as he/she is using excess energy at low speeds.

Dirt bike helmets make use of the latest technology that is perfect for heavy lifting. Today, the market provides you with several options that you can browse and select based on your requirement and budget capacity.

The head shape and size of the helmet

Usually, a very well-fitted dirt bike helmet can be your savior in case you were to face an accident. To get the correct helmet, you have to find out your head size. The pointers listed below are helpful:

  • You can wrap a measuring tape all around your head to get the head size. Place the tape at half inch atop the ears and eyebrows. If you want you can compare the head size with the standard dirt bike helmet size to be able to get the best match. Most helmet manufacturers offer various sizing charts for the helmets. Hence, it is essential that you compare the helmet size of all the brands.
  • You need to try and check how the helmet fits you before you decide to buy. It is essential for the helmet to sit tightly on your head. And the top section of your helmet’s eye port should simply be atop the eyebrows. The best fit is the one which will have a snug fit and will gradually loosen.
  • On the other hand, if your helmet simply moves and you can fit your fingers comfortably between the available space, it is essential that you change the size. The helmet is loose, and you will require a smaller size.

The helmet shapes

Last but not least, it is essential for you to find out the head shape as well. A helmet with the best size and sit might fit perfectly on someone and be loose or uncomfortable for the other. Headspace is equally important as the head size. Today, there are ace manufacturers who have come up with the following dirt bike helmet shapes:

  • Large oval – With this helmet, the shape is close to a rectangular head that is long from front to back. It is also narrow from one side to the other.
  • Round oval – With this helmet shape, you will find an elongated head that is long from one side to the other.
  • Intermediate oval – Here the helmet almost takes the shape of a round head that has a shorter front-to-back as well as a wide side-to-side stretch than the long oval shape. The majority of the companies today ensure that their helmet shape is intermediate oval. The shape of a helmet provides adequate security and complete comfort. A helmet with the correct size that doesn’t fit correctly leads to discomfort. And it can’t also offer ample protection as well. It is essential to take the exact measurements and choose the correct head shape. It is necessary to know that just because your old helmet is a medium size, it doesn’t mean that the new one also should be of the same size. Different manufacturers have different size for their helmet. However, before that, you need to address a few questions and clauses.
  • Are you a complete beginner? If you are a complete beginner, a high-quality and priced helmet that comes with various features, might not be the best choice for you. You need to get the feet off the ground and then get used to the bike first. You need to make sure whether dirt bike riding is a hobby you will want to further pursue.
  • Do you want to get a replacement or upgrade to a new helmet? When you have a damaged helmet or one that is very old, you need to replace the helmet. And when your hobby of dirt bike riding is now becoming a lifestyle, you will need an innovative helmet that is packed with various advanced features.  A new helmet or a complete replacement is a smart investment you can make.
  • Is styling an essential factor for you? For some dirt bike riders styling is essential when it comes to selecting a helmet. You need to consider the following pointers.
  • Do you have an eye-catching and wild graphic
  • Are you in favor of graphics? If you prefer a graphic print in your helmet, you might have to shell out some extra cash.
  • Do you prefer a plain but solid color or have a more subtle preference?

Here you also need to consider the helmet liner. You can opt-in for the removable liners, which can be washed. Other liners comprise of anti-bacterial and anti-microbial material as well.

The price of the dirt bike helmet

You will need to consider the price, for the dirt bike helmets, if you decide to buy one. It is especially true if you are a beginner.  The price of the helmet depends on the advanced features the helmet is equipped with as well as the materials used. A helmet that’s made using carbon fiber, will usually cost you much more than a helmet made of polycarbonate. Typically, an expensive helmet provides better grip, security, technology and comfort. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t avail the same features in a helmet at an affordable price.

These are some of the ways in which you can prepare to buy the best dirt bike helmet. You can search online for the best service provider and select the helmet based on your head size, shape, color preference and budget capacity.

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