Essential Items to Properly Wash Your Car by Hand

Does your car need a good cleaning? Some people just take it through the car wash which is probably the easiest and fastest way to get it clean quickly. However, there’s damage that could be done by taking it through an automatic car wash. Also, how clean does the automatic car wash get your car? Not nearly as good of a clean as hand washing it. Below we’re going to list the essentials that you need to wash your car by hand.

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Bucket and Sponge

While this may seem like a commonsense item, it is super important to ensure you are getting the proper things for the certain task you want. Let us explain.

You want two buckets, one for your soapy water and one with fresh, clean water. This is to help ensure you can rinse out your sponge before you put it into the soapy water. Getting your soapy water dirty will make sure you don’t get a good clean on your vehicle.

Getting a good quality sponge will also help to make sure you don’t scratch the paintwork on your vehicle. Two sponges are also good. You can use one for the top half of the vehicle, the part that is less dirty. You can use the other for the bottom half, the half that gets muddy and dirty fairly often.

Grit Guards

Unsure what a hurt guard is? It’s a device that sits in the bottom of your bucket that collects the dirt and stuff that comes off of the vehicle and onto your sponge. When you rinse your sponge out you rub it against the grit guards. It then collects the dirt from the sponge and doesn’t allow it to swirl around in the water and get back into the sponge to be carried over to the soapy water. Another important item that helps ensure your hand-washed car is as clean as possible.

Wash Liquid

This is also a basic necessity when washing your car. However, whenever you’re going to choose a soap there are a few things you want to check first. To start, you want to get a wash that is as close to pH neutral as possible. This helps to ensure you don’t get hard water spots in your paint. Secondly, you want to ensure it’ll bubble up; this helps to ensure you get the best possible clean. Lastly, you’d want to preferably stay away from “wash and wax” soap products. It may seem like an easy way out. However, getting a product such as that won’t give you as good a quality wash and or wax as doing it in the two separate processes as it should be.

Finishing Touches

After you have washed and rinsed your vehicle, drying it with a towel is important. It helps to ensure that you don’t get water spots as it dries. Microfiber towels with high GSM count ensure the best dry without scratching your paint.

Once the hard part is done, there are a few things you can do to help ensure your car stays clean and shiny. One thing you could do is wax your vehicle. Waxing can last a few months. Another thing you can do is a thorough auto ceramic coating. Ceramic coatings last a few years if done properly and thoroughly. They help to ensure your paint stays in better shape than if you weren’t to apply for any protection. It also allows you to wash your car less frequently. This doesn’t mean you’ll never have to wash it again or that it would be impossible to scratch it. However, it allows you more time between washes and gives an extra coating on your vehicle.

Keeping your car clean and in good shape is really important to a lot of people. Ensuring you keep the quality appearance up either for your own appeal or to keep it is worth high, hand washing your cars is the first step in doing that. We hope the tips and advice we provided help ensure you have the essentials when it comes to the items needed to hand wash your car. Happy washing!

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