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Digital Volt/Ohm Meter

A Digital Voltage Ohm Meter may more commonly be known as a DVOM or a multimeter. This device can be used to measure AC voltage, DC voltage, resistance, and current.

One of the biggest advantages of a DVOM is the accuracy. Most quality meters claim to have a +/- 0.01% or better accuracy. This is clearly more accurate than trying to interpret the amount of voltage based on how brightly a test light is illuminated!

While the accuracy of the meter is beneficial for measuring voltages, current, or resistance, there are several pitfalls that technicians need to be aware of when using a DVOM to test a circuit.

For rapidly changing voltages, such as, when testing a sensor signal or a data network the meter can’t update fast enough and displays an average measurement of voltage potential. For these type of test you will need to use a Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

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