Diesel Turbo Kits – What Are They All About?

Every single day of our life we use electricity and its varied applications. It is probably impossible for us to imagine a world without power as we use it to run our homes, hospitals, offices etc. One of the key uses of power in our day to day life is in automobiles. We use them to travel and transport goods. The world economy literally relies on these vehicles as it carries out important consignments and workers on a regular basis. To provide power for these vehicles to work, we provide them with engines. Overtime, these engines are modified in varied capacities and aspects in order to reap more powerful and advanced units. One of the most important such modification is something called Diesel turbo kit.

Diesel Turbo Kits

Diesel Turbo Kits

What Is A Diesel Turbo Kit?

To put it simply, a diesel turbo kit is a combination of a diesel engine and a turbo charger. A diesel engine is a simple machine that has existed for a long time. It uses diesel as fuel to create power. It works by compressing air which heats it. This is called an adiabatic process in thermodynamics. The heat then ignites the diesel which produces energy. The diesel engine has the highest efficiency among all combustion engines due to its very high expansion ratio. On the other hand a turbocharger is driven by turbine device and an additional force or pressure is disputed into its combustion chamber. It does so by forcing extra compressed air into the chamber of combustion. So, it is not difficult to understand that by combining a diesel engine with a turbocharger, we increase the efficiency of power. In short, a turbocharger potentiates the action.

Evolution of The Diesel Turbo Kit?

After extensive research and experimentation, turbochargers began to show promising benefits during the late 1940s. Smaller units with faster engines were appearing in the market during this time. Soon diesel turbo kits were developed, and it practically revolutionized the entire industry. Initially, they were used almost exclusively by trucks and heavy vehicles. Later, the technology was slightly modified, and it entered the automobile industry.

Diesel Turbo Kits

Diesel Turbo Kits

The Rover Company and Mercedes Benz were one of the first companies to prepare the diesel turbo kit design, but actual production took a little more time. The brand Peugeot led the way in Europe and it was an immediate hit. The powerful fuel-efficient system swept the market and gave rival companies a run for their money.

Since the 90s, the compression ratio is reducing at a gradual pace. This has translated to more efficiency uses of the kit. Further improvements in areas of noise, efficiency, power, vibration, heat production etc. has led to a large-scale demand for diesel turbo kits around the world. They are more convenient and flexible compared to naturally aspirated diesel counterparts.

Where Is Diesel Turbo Kits Used?

Diesel turbo kits are used in many engines. They can be found in cars, bikes, trucks and even in airplanes. Many generators and industrial engines also heavily rely on them for their better efficiency and relative cost effectiveness.

Is Diesel Turbo Kit an Efficient System?

A normal gasoline engine has the efficiency of 30%. This is significantly lower than a diesel engine which has one of around 45% efficiency. A study done by Dr. Gerhard Ranger placed the efficiency of a diesel engine and turbocharger at a maximum combined efficiency of 77% under experimental optimum conditions. In terms of physical thermodynamics, although it is not 100% efficient, they are still possibly one of the best modifications of a regular engine. The increased fuel efficiency naturally is indeed an added benefit.

Diesel Turbo Kits

Diesel Turbo Kits

A turbocharger alone costs along the lines of $400-$4000, depending on the power capability, efficiency and brand. So, one can gauge that it is slightly expensive but not particularly unaffordable.

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