Automotive Marketing Skills | Branding

Not long ago, it took tens of thousands of dollars and the expertise of an advertising firm to help you develop a brand image and to build a recognizable brand. The Internet, Social Media and other tools have leveled the playing field and now small business has the opportunity to build a powerful brand. Branding is much more than a… Read More

Subaru AC Compressor Clutch

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Automotive Internet Marketing | How It Works

97% of consumers search for local businesses online A search engine is the link between you and your potential customers. Understanding how to work with, keep up with, and benefit from search engines is a full time profession. There are several search engines, but none harness the power of search like Google. In the chart below, you can see that… Read More

Electrical System Testing | The Power Probe

The Power Probe There have been multiple versions of the Power Probe. The original version has a LED that glows red to indicate power or green to indicate ground. It has a switch that allows the user to supply power or ground to the circuit. The Power Probe II has the same features with the addition of an audible high… Read More

Electrical Testing | Digital Volt/Ohm Meter

A Digital Voltage Ohm Meter may more commonly be known as a DVOM or a multimeter. This device can be used to measure AC voltage, DC voltage, resistance, and current. One of the biggest advantages of a DVOM is the accuracy. Most quality meters claim to have a +/- 0.01% or better accuracy. This is clearly more accurate than trying… Read More

Toyota Timing Belt Replacement Tip’s

Toyota Tacoma 3.4L V-6 The Toyota 3.4L engine timing belt is due to be replaced at 105,000 miles or every 8 years. These engines are not a interference engine, meaning that if the timing belt happens to break the pistons will not hit the valves. On an interference engine if the timing belt happens to break, the pistons will hit… Read More

The 3 A’s In Customer Relations

When a new customer enters a repair facility, they will judge the service consultant by the three A’s. These are very important rules to remember and a new customer will most likely build there opinion and confidence in you by these three A’s in the order as they are listed. Appearance Attitude Ability The Service Consultant’s Objective The service consultant… Read More

Basic Engine Mechanical Information

Today’s cars and light-duty trucks use either gasoline, flex fuel (gasoline or E85) or diesel engines. By far the most common engine used in the United States is the gasoline piston engine. Flex fuel vehicles are generally regular production based gasoline engines with modifications to the fuel system and engine controls to support the use of E85 and gasoline. These… Read More

Subaru All Wheel Drive System Failures & Repair

Subaru AWD systems are pretty well designed and failure is not all that common. When you have a failed or failing system there are some things to look for and this article will explain these symptoms and how to repair them without even replacing or removing the transmission. Here are some thing that we will cover. Subaru AWD system common… Read More