The Best Honda Motorcycle Parts & Accessories at Maryland

There are many different parts and accessories you can buy for your Honda motorcycle. Whether you’re a novice rider or already have experience with motorcycles, these products can help you improve your riding style and make riding more enjoyable. The best place to find quality products is through online retailers, but you can also find them in your local area.… Read More

Everything You Should Know About a 150cc 4 Stroke Engine

Engines come with different cubic centimeters in the motor industry. The cubic centimeters of a motor engine determines the speed, fuel consumption, and the weight of the engine. A 4 stroke engine refers to internal combustion that uses four different piston strokes (intake, power event, and exhaust) to finish an entire operating cycle. This type of motor is the most… Read More

How to choose correct Marine Battery

Your boat’s battery operates two basic types of work, starts the engine and drives electrical loads like electronics and accessories for the light period. To choose a battery, first determine the battery application and then select one of the four  batteries chemistry: Flooded, Gel, AGM or Lithium. Starting Batteries Starting batteries, that crank the starter of your boat’s engine, are… Read More

Subaru 2.5L DOHC FB25 Excessive Oil Consumption

Most Subaru owners are well aware of the oil consumption problems these engine develop. The EJ25 timing belt engines had this issue but not as bad as the new FB25 engines that run the 0W20 engine oil. The EJ25’s mainly had head gasket issues and oil consumption will not get excessive till well over 100k, especially if maintained correctly. Most… Read More

How to Repair a Car Window Scratch

A small scratch in your windshield can quickly get a whole lot worse, so it’s important that you fix it quickly. There are a few steps that you will need to follow before you can effectively repair the scratch. There are a few things that you will need before getting started, including unmounting your radar detector device, a glass repair… Read More

Chevrolet Astro 4.3l Crank No Start

1999 Chevrolet Astro 4.3L engine cranks but will not start. This would normally be fairly easy problem to diagnosis. The problem is consistent so we just begin the process of elimination. We need fuel, ignition and good compression to fire. Listening to the engine crank I can tell there is compression so I will start with fuel. Checking the fuel… Read More

Lexus RX300 Battery Drains Parasitic Draw

This 2001 Lexus RX300 would drain the battery periodically when the vehicle sits. After testing for a parasitic draw and none found we performed the normal electrical system tests and returned the vehicle. The battery load test was weak but not completely failing, I was confident that it was not the cause of the problem. I have seen battery failure… Read More

98 Ford F150 Runs Rich Black Smoke

This is a 1998 Ford F150 4.2L 6 cylinder MT 5spd RWD with about 98,000 miles on it. This is just one of those crazy problems that threw me for a loop so I figured I would share the problem. Has anybody ever seen this before? Please read and comment below, thanks. Vehicle runs rich, blows black smoke, b1s1 and… Read More

Subaru Forester Wind Noise Problem + Repair

Does your Subaru have wind noise? This problem is noticeable above 30mph and excessively loud at freeway speeds. I have only seen this problem with Subaru Foresters but I’m pretty sure it applies to the Subaru Legacy or even the Baja. As long as the door has the same style triangle pillars and rubber seal. The vehicle shown in the… Read More

Volkswagen 2.0L Turbo P0171 P0507

Volkswagen 2.0L turbo, system lean condition, will not idle, rough idle, check engine light on. Here’s a list of the possible codes that will set and their  descriptions. P0300-P0304 – Cylinder misfires P0171 – Bank 1 system too lean P0507 – Idle air control sys. RPM higher than expected This vehicle sets the fuel trim system lean and idle control… Read More