About Your Vehicles Tires

MDH Motors Does Not Sell Tires – We Help You To Maintain Vehicle Safety by Education and Vehicle Maintenance This grading system, known as the Uniform Tire Quality Grading System (UTQGS), allows consumers to compare tire tread wear, traction performance, and temperature resistance. The federal government requires tire manufacturers to grade their tires in these three areas and place the… Read More

Basic Automotive Cooling System Operation

A tremendous amount of heat is generated in engines used in todays vehicles. A gasoline engine’s combustion chamber can reach temperatures above 2500°F. Approximately a third of the combustion heat is actually used to power the vehicle; another third passes through the exhaust; and the last third is the responsibility of the cooling system. The heat has to be reduced… Read More

How to Check Your Vehicles Battery

Basic Automotive Battery Terminology An automotive battery is a rechargeable SLI or starting, lighting, and ignition battery. It is a 12 volt battery made of 6 cells connected in series. Each of the 6 cells produces 2.1 volts and wiring these cells in series produces the 12.6 volts required by the automotive electrical system. The batteries current capacity ratings are… Read More

Ignition System Diagnosis

The ignition system is designed to convert battery voltage into the high voltage required to ignite the air/fuel charge in the cylinders. There are two basic types of ignition systems as defined by SAE: Electronic Ignition (EI) and Distributor Ignition (DI). Although both types are electronic, SAE assigned the term ‘Electronic Ignition’ exclusively to distributorless designs. In contrast, Distributor Ignition… Read More

Subaru P0420 Catalyst Efficency

There are two DTCs present – P0325 for Knock Sensor 1 Circuit, and P0420 Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1). The knock sensor DTC was a straight forward diagnosis. The pigtail for the sensor was damaged. The Catalyst Efficiency DTC is another matter. The part is very expensive and the net result to the customer of replacing it in this… Read More

Portland Mechanics | Quality Auto Repair

MDH Motors is your local family owned repair shop for reasonable automotive repair. We offer an awesome $40.00 an hour labor rate and have low mark up on your replacement parts. Martin Hand has over 13 years in experience in Asian and European Import auto repair and has been a L1 ASE Master Technician plus ATRA Certified for 10 years.… Read More

Subaru Headgasket Repair $1900.00

Portland Mechanics MDH Motors is offering Subaru Headgasket repair at or around $1900.00. I have specialized in these vehicles for over 15 years and can offer a decent repair cost for you today. Prices may be less or more depending on what is replaced during the engine repair. There are a lot of parts involved in this repair that are… Read More

Subaru Headgasket Failure

Subaru head gasket failure Two types of engines, two types of problemsThis site contains  information and hopefully some helpful explanations regarding head gasket problems with Subaru 2.5 liter normally aspirated (non turbo) engines. There are two types of engines, Phase 1 and Phase 2. Both variants can have head gasket problems associated with them, but the problems, how to diagnose… Read More

How to know if you need a clutch?

Transmission Clutch Diagnosis Diagnosing clutch noise and slippage is pretty straight forward. Once a technician understands the different parts and theory it’s easy to locate the culprit. Typical symptoms include clutch slipping, chatter, and dragging. Here are a few symptoms, tests, and the relevant parts to look out for: Slippage: This is by far the most common problem. To diagnose… Read More

We are now offering an AC Service & Repair

heating-airconditioning align=We are now offering an Air Conditioning Special
R-134a system re-charge and performance tests $69
R-12 to R-134a retrofit conversion $149 Read More