Upgrading Your Ride on a Budget

For many drivers, their car is more about their identity and style than it is about general transportation. For these sportsmen, how their car looks and the impression that it makes is a priority.   If you want to customize your ride, you need to remember that styling your interior is just as important as the exterior. You might make… Read More

Best Modern SUVs the Offer Excellent fuel mileage in 2020

We all wish for a car that is comfortable, luxurious, affordable and is fuel-efficient. Many cars today have the first three qualities, but they lack the last quality. Yes, not many cars are fuel-effective, and a major reason is their horsepower. The more luxurious a car is, the higher its horsepower is. The higher the horsepower or the engine power,… Read More

Essential Items to Properly Wash Your Car by Hand

Does your car need a good cleaning? Some people just take it through the car wash which is probably the easiest and fastest way to get it clean quickly. However, there’s damage that could be done by taking it through an automatic car wash. Also, how clean does the automatic car wash get your car? Not nearly as good of… Read More

How long does it take to get a DOT number?

If you plan to run a trucking company or operate a commercial vehicle in the US, you should determine whether or not you need a DOT number. DOT number, short for Department of Transportation number, is a number assigned to commercial vehicles by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA). The DOT number helps identify commercial vehicles and their owners.… Read More

How Can The Automotive Industry Revive Their Business?

Maruti Suzuki reports zero sales in April 2020 – this had made captivating headlines in the entire automotive market. True, that pandemic impact has affected all businesses. But has anyone ever thought in their wildest dreams about a corporation like Maruti having a zero sale? Well, here we shall specifically focus on the techniques that help maintain sales and brand… Read More

How to Choose a Car Subwoofer?

The car audio field can be bewildering if you don’t know what you are looking for. It is evident that car subwoofers play an essential role in improving sound. That extra bump can make listening to music more fun and interesting. It gives your music some depth while making your car audio system the envy of your friends and family.… Read More

What are the Factors that Affect Car Shipping Cost?

If you are moving to another state to start anew and fulfill your dreams, it is best to rely on a car transport service rather than drive your expensive car across the country. Apart from convenience and reduced stress, car shipping can help protect your vehicle from unforeseen damage. Hiring a reputable auto transport company is a prudent choice, given… Read More

Ingenious Technology: Infrared Detectors for Car

In 2017, around 6,000 pedestrians were killed in vehicle crashes in the US The ones who are at risk are drivers impaired by alcohol and pedestrians. In the same year, 20 percent of all pedestrian deaths accounted for those aged 65 and above. Other risk factors include higher vehicle speeds, non-intersection locations, and while driving at night. The numbers do not lie.… Read More

How to Deal with Hail Damage on Your Car

Imagine that you just bought a new car. You take it out for a spin, first around the neighborhood, then along the highway. Everything is going smoothly until you hit a hailstorm. A few moments later, you drive back home in a car that’s been battered by hundreds of golf ball-sized hailstones. Hail damage is every motorist’s nightmare, whether they’re… Read More

What you need to know about high-mileage cars?

You have been on a search for a good-condition used car. You found the model you want, and the price is fantastic too. You have almost decided to buy it, and just then, one of your friends asks you a question: What is the mileage on this car? You daze out because you don’t know. Automobile aficionados hold varying opinions when… Read More