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1. Technician A says that during a battery capacity test the voltage should not go below 9.6 volts at 70F. Technician B says a battery's voltage reading should increase as temperature decreases. Who is correct?

2. Technician A says changing the field current changes the alternators voltage output. Technician B says the control module adjusts voltage regulation by battery temperature and voltage. Who is correct?

3. The color of an air bag wire/plug is most likely:

4. The headlights get brighter as a vehicle is accelerated. Technician A says this could be caused by a high capacity battery. Technician B says this could be caused by high charging system voltage. Who is correct?

5. A vehicles engine will not crank. Technician A says to check the starter circuit first. Technician B says to check the condition of the battery first. Who is correct?

6. All the lights in a tail light circuit illuminate except one. The most likely cause is:

7. A vehicle has a starting problem. Technician A says to use an ammeter to test for starter current draw. Technician B says worn bushings will cause high resistance. Who is correct?

8. If a technician reversed the leads of their digital voltmeter on a 12 volt circuit the readout would show:

9. The hazard and turn signal lights are inoperative in a vehicle. Technician A says that they share the same circuit. Technician B says the vehicle may have a faulty flasher. Who is correct?

10. Technician A says if a dome light keeps blowing fuses to check for a short to ground. Technician B says resistance in a circuit increases current flow. Who is correct?

11. A vehicles engine is slow cranking. The battery is in good condition. Technician A says to perform a voltage drop test on the starter circuit. Technician B says voltage must be present in order to perform this test. Who is correct?

12. The electrical symbol above is a:

13. An alternator suffers from low voltage output. When full-fielded the alternator outputs maximum voltage. The most likely part to be at fault is a:

14. Technician A says a fully charged lead acid automotive battery has a specific gravity of 1.265 at 80° F. Technician B says the specific gravity reading is effected by temperature. Who is correct?

15. A vehicles A/C blower motor works only in the high position. Technician A says to check the blower motor resistor. Technician B says this is most likely a loose ground connection.

16. Which solder should be used when repairing an automotive electrical connection.

17. The cruise control of a vehicle is inoperative. Technician A says the this may be caused by a faulty control module. Technician B says this may be caused by a faulty brake switch. Who is correct?

18. Technician A says voltage limiter is used in an instrument panel to keep the voltage at 5 volts. Technician B says if the limiter is faulty it may result in high gauge readings. Who is correct?

19. The display of the multimeter indicates:

20. The windshield wipers on a vehicle are slow and dragging across the windshield. Technician A says this could be an open circuit at the motors ground. Technician B says the wiper linkage may be binding. Who is correct?

21. A vehicles alarm keeps setting off on its own. Technician A says this could be a faulty courtesy light switch. Technician B says the alarm systems control module uses current sensitive switches. Who is correct?

22. The electrical symbol below is :

23. Two technicians are discussing a battery that continues to die overnight even after it has been charged the day before. Technician A says this could be caused by a faulty alternator. Technician B says this could be caused by the vehicles dome light. Who is correct?

24. The lamp in the glove box is inoperative. The test light is illuminated at point C with the glove box open and the switch closed. The most likely cause of this problem is:

25. An alternator output test is being performed on a vehicle. Technician A says for maximum alternator output the engine must be revved to a high idle of 2000 RPM. Technician B say for maximum output turn the vehicles accessories on during the test. Who is correct?

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