A5 Brakes

A5 Brakes


1. All of these are true about the metering valve except:

2. There is no brake light operation. Technician A says the brake light switch may be stuck closed. Technician B says it may have a blown fuse. Who is correct?

3. A vehicle with vacuum assisted power brakes has a hard brake pedal and is difficult to stop. Technician A says the vehicle may have a frozen front brake caliper. Technician B says it may have a problem with the brake booster system. Who is correct?

4. Technician A says a micrometer is the preferred tool used to check a rotors lateral runout. Technician B says a dial indicator is the preferred tool used for measuring rotor thickness. Who is correct?

5. A technician is measuring the inside diameter of a brake drum with a brake drum micrometer. The technician should use which of the following measurements.

6. A vehicle pulls to the left only when the brakes are applied. Technician A says this could be a restricted left front brake line. Technician B says this could be a frozen right front caliper. Who is correct?

7. A vehicle has a low brake pedal. Technician A says an improperly adjusted brake pedal could be the cause. Technician B says overheated brake fluid could cause this condition. Who is correct?

8. A technician is lubricating rubber brake components while performing a brake job. Technician A says a high temperature silicon based lubricant would work. Technician B says a good petroleum based lubricant would work. Who is correct?

9. Technician A says that two different size tires on the rear of a vehicle will not hamper ABS operation. Technician B says some ABS systems use an accumulator that holds brake fluid under high pressure. Who is correct?

10. The rear wheels of a vehicle are locking up only when the brakes are applied. Which of these is most-likely the cause?

11. Technician A says it is acceptable to use the original brass washer when installing a new flexible brake hose. Technician B says to use a compression fitting to repair a small leak in a stainless steel brake line. Who is correct?

12. A integral drum parking brake system is being discussed. Technician A says a binding cable will prevent parking brake application. Technician B says the brake strut is part of the parking brake system being discussed. Who is correct?

13. Two technicians are discussing brake backing plates. Technician A says if a ridge has formed on the pads where the shoes rest they may be filed to restore a smooth finish. Technician B says to apply bearing grease to reduce brake squeak. Who is correct?

14. A vehicle has a low spongy pedal. Technician A says it could be loose wheel bearings. Technician B says that the low brake pedal is more likely caused by worn brake pads. Who is correct?

15. Technician A says the ABS systems control unit is programmed to ignore speed sensor inputs variations below a certain threshold. Technician B says a one-channel ABS system controls the hydraulic pressure to the rear brakes on both sides of the vehicle at the same time. Who is correct?

16. Technician A says a leaking master cylinders primary piston seal may leak externally and can contaminate or damage the brake booster. Technician B says an over adjusted brake pedal may block the compensation port. Who is correct?

17. A vehicle has a hard pedal with little stopping power. Technician A says this could be the vacuum power brake booster. Technician B says a vacuum booster needs at least 10 Hg of vacuum to operate properly. Who is correct?

18. The brake pad wear indicator light is illuminated on the instrument panel. Technician A says this is because the brake pads have become contaminated. Technician B says this is likely the pad wear sensor tip contacting the rotor. Who is correct?

19. A vehicle with ABS anti-lock brakes has an audible clicking noise when it is first started. The noise goes away after a few seconds. Technician A says this sounds like one of the hydraulic valves in the ABS hydraulic valve assembly may be sticking. Technician B says this is a normal condition. Who is correct?

20. Technician A says to adjust a height sensing proportioning valve while on the lift. Technician B says to adjust a height sensing proportioning valve at vehicle curb ride height. Who is correct?

21. Two technicians are discussing master cylinder residual check valves. Technician A says the check valve is used on four wheel disc brake systems. Technician B says the valve maintains pressure when the brakes are released. Who is correct?

22. Technician A says accumulators are found only on non-integral ABS systems. Technician B says the some integral ABS accumulators can store 2600 PSI of hydraulic pressure. Who is correct?

23. Technician A says passive permanent magnet ABS wheel speed sensors produce AC voltage. Technician B says input from wheel speed sensors are used for anti-lock brake systems, electronic traction control, and electronic stability control. Who is correct?

24. A vehicles right front wheel has a growl that increases with vehicle speed. The most likely cause is:

25. Two technicians are discussing traction control systems. Technician A says if the amber TCS light flashes while driving there is an electrical fault in the system. Technician B says these systems require an electric pump and accumulator. Who is correct?

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