A4 Steering and Suspension

A4 Steering and Suspension


1. Two technicians are discussing the thrust angle of a vehicle. Technician A says a broken leaf spring will effect a vehicles thrust angle. Technician B says this will affect the centering of the steering wheel. Who is correct?

2. Technician A says that loose power steering rack bushings will cause a vehicle to wander. Technician B says worn rack bushings can cause changes in toe. Who is correct?

3. A technician notices a tire is feathered across its tread. What is the most-likely cause of this condition?

4. Technician A says that a variable rate coil spring has varying spaces between the coils. Technician B says if a vehicle has a noticeable difference in height between sides it may have a weak strut insert.Who is correct?

5. All these characteristics of camber are true except:

6. Technician A says the total toe is split between the wheels. Technician B says on a 4 wheel alignment always adjust the front toe before the rear. Who is correct?

7. Technician A says the power steering pressure switch sends a signal to increase the idle while parking. Technician B says variable assist provides maximum pressure during high speed conditions. Who is correct?

8. The least likely to result in memory steer is a binding:

9. Two technicians are discussing struts on a front wheel drive vehicle. Technician A says some struts have a camber lobe adjustment. Technician B says a worn strut tower will make excessive noise when going over bumps. Who is correct?

10. Technician A says a worn idler arm will not effect the toe setting on a vehicle. Technician B says the center link of a vehicle connects to both the pitman arm and the idler arm. Who is correct?

11. Technician A says it's important to check tire pressure when the tire is hot. Technician B says the 60 in P225/60R16 89H indicates the tires section width. Who is correct?

12. Technician A says a vehicle with torsion bar suspension can be adjusted to repair ride height. Technician B says over-adjustment of this type of suspension will result in a harsh ride. Who is correct?

13. A vehicles right front wheel has a growl that increases with vehicle speed. The most likely cause is:

14. Two technicians are performing a power steering pressure test. Technician A says if the pressure is above specification there may be a restriction in the high pressure line. Technician B says if the pressure increases when the shutoff valve is closed there may be a problem with the power steering pump. Who is correct?

15. Two technicians are discussing a recirculating ball steering gear. Technician A to adjust the sector shaft lash before the worm bearing preload. Technician B says an under adjusted sector shaft may cause the vehicle to wander. Who is correct?

16. A vehicle has a steady pull to the left. All of these will cause this condition except:

17. Technician A says a vehicle will pull to the side with the most positive camber. Technician B says that excessive inside tire tread wear could be caused by too much negative camber. Who is correct?

18. Two technicians are discussing inner and outer tie rods. Technician A says to turn the outer tie rod end to adjust the toe. Technician B says loose inner tie rod ends will cause a tire to feather. Who is correct?

19. Two technicians are discussing excessive inside tire wear. Technician A says an out of specification caster angle can cause inside tire wear. Technician B says out of specification camber angle will cause excessive tire wear. Who is correct?

20. Technician A says SAI or Steering Angle Inclination is adjusted by the caster angle. Technician B says camber adjustments are included in Included Angle. Who is correct?

21. Technician A says the caster angle affects the steering wheels ability to return to center after a turn. Technician B says a binding ball joint has no affect on steering wheel return to center. Who is correct?

22. Technician A says a slight oily film on the lower chamber of a shock absorber is acceptable. Technician B says a small drip of oil coming from this chamber is acceptable. Who is correct?

23. A vehicle with a ribbed belt makes a chirping noise when starting. Technician A says to check the belt tension with a belt tension gauge. Technician B says proper belt deflection is 1/2 inch per foot of belt span. Who is correct?

24. Technician A says to loosen the castle nut to align and install the cotter pin on a tapered ball joint. Technician B says a binding ball joint will cause memory steer. Who is correct?

25. A vehicle has excessive body sway while cornering. Which of these is most-likely to cause this condition.

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