A3 Manual Transmissions

A3 Manual Transmissions


1. The bushing in the extension housing on a transmission is worn on one side. Technician A says this could be caused by binding U-joints. Technician B says this is more likely caused by excessive output shaft end-play. Who is correct?

2. A chirping sound is heard when the clutch pedal is depressed. All of these could make this noise except the :

3. Technician A says the collapsible sleeve may be loosened to achieve proper pinion bearing preload. Technician B says an inch pound torque wrench is used to check and adjust pinion bearing preload. Who is correct?

4. Two technicians are discussing drive line seals. Technician A says repeated extension housing seal failure could be caused by a pitted axle slip yolk. Technician B says a bent axle could cause axle seal leakage. Who is correct?

5. Technician A says to should use a feeler gauge to check the clearance between the shift fork and the synchronizer sleeve. Technician B says a bent shift rail will cause hard shifting. Who is correct?

6. Two technicians are discussing a clutch pressure plate. Technician A says a pressure plate must be replaced if it is warped. Technician B says the pressure plate can be easily disassembled and repaired or resurfaced. Who is correct?

7. Limited slip differentials have all of the following characteristics except:

8. A front wheel drive vehicle makes a clicking sound when cornering. Technician A says this could be caused by the axles CV (constant velocity) joint. Technician B says it's the half shafts torsional damper. Who is correct?

9. Technician A says a technician may replace the ring gear with out replacing the pinion gear as long as it checks out within specifications. Technician B says that ring gear run out is checked with a digital micrometer. Who is correct?

10. A manual transmission slips out of third gear. The most likely cause is:

11. The backup lights of a vehicle are inoperative. Technician A says the backup light switch may be stuck closed. Technician B says there may be a loose ground connection. Who is correct?

12. A manual transmission jumps out of gear. Technician A says loose shift linkage may be causing this problem. Technician B says worn motor mounts could cause this condition. Who is correct?

13. A rear wheel drive vehicle with a limited slip differential chatters while turning corners. Technician A says the differential may have the wrong fluid. Technician B says the differential may have excessive pinion preload. Who is correct?

14. Two technicians are discussing a vacuum operated transfer case. Technician A says a vacuum between 10Hg and 18Hg is required to operate this unit. Technician B says the vacuum operates a mode fork to switch between 2WD and 4WD. Who is correct?

15. Two technicians are discussing a synchronizer assembly in a three speed manual transmission. Technician A says the splines on a synchronizer clutch sleeve should be pointed. Technician B says the teeth on a synchronizer sleeve and ring should be smooth and rounded. Who is correct?

16. A vehicle has a vibration while driving forward that increases with vehicle speed. The least likely cause of this condition is:

17. Technician A says a clutch start switch is normally closed when the clutch pedal is released. Technician B says it is designed to complete a circuit between the ignition switch and the starter relay. Who is correct?

18. Two technicians are discussing a clutch master assembly. Technician A says external leaks are due to the secondary seal. Technician B says hydraulic fluid is hygroscopic and tends to absorb moisture from the atmosphere. Who is correct?

19. Two technicians are discussing flywheel resurfacing. Technician A says a mark should be placed on the flywheel and the crankshaft before removal. Technician B says if too much surface is removed from the flywheel damage will occur to the release bearing. Who is correct?

20. Technician A says on a front wheel drive vehicle both inboard and outboard axle joints can make noise while accelerating. Technician B says the outboard CV-joints noise is more prominent while cornering. Who is correct?

21. There is a chirping sound as the clutch pedal is depressed. Technician A says it could be a worn clutch release bearing. Technician B says the sound is likely a worn transmission synchronizer. Who is correct?

22. Which type of bearing typically requires a preload.

23. There is a squeal from the clutch housing when the clutch pedal is depressed all the way to the end of its travel. Technician A says this could be worn counter shaft bearings. Technician B says the squeal is likely a faulty pilot bearing. Who is correct?

24. Gold metal shavings are found in the oil after draining a 5 speed manual transaxle. Technician A says this is a normal condition. Technician B says this likely from chipped gear teeth. Who is correct?

25. A 4WD vehicles transfer case makes a popping sound in 4WD when accelerating from a stop. Which of these is the cause:

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