A Guide to Getting the Best Motorcycle Gear: What To and Not To Wear

You’re a rider or you’re soon to be one, and the first step after learning how to ride is learning what you should and shouldn’t wear while riding. When you have all the right equipment, riding a motorcycle is an amazing experience. So before you hop on your bike and hit the road, you need to be sure that you have only the best motorcycle gear.

Having the best gear ensures not only your safety and peace of mind but your overall experience as well. If you’re ready to grab the necessary motorcycle gear and ride into the sunset, then continue reading below.

We explain everything you need to know about what to and what not to wear on a motorcycle!

What to Wear

It’s vital that you know the appropriate clothing to wear when you’re riding. When on a motorcycle, your body is fully exposed to the outside elements and much more, so you want to keep yourself protected. From your head to your toes, here are all the items that you should wear when riding.

Pants and Jacket 

Even if it’s a hotter day than usual, always wear pants and a jacket when riding. This is the best way to ensure you keep your skin safe while riding. Choosing strong materials like leather is a great idea as it’ll prevent your skin from becoming damaged if anything were to happen.

Buying a motorcyclist jacket will give you peace of mind knowing that it’s made specifically for wearing on a motorcycle. Don’t hesitate to also wear motorcycle body armour underneath your jacket. Be sure that the armour you buy is CE-rated (it meets European Safety Standards).

The Right Helmet

The right helmet is another extremely important item that every motorcyclist needs to have and wear when riding. We specify the “right” helmet, because there are many motorcycle helmet options available, and you’ll need to the one that fits you correctly. If you’re a beginner rider, speak with a motorcycle professional at the store to ensure you’re buying the correct helmet.

Measurements of your head should be taken, which helps determine the right helmet. Remember that the helmet should fit snug around your head.

Motorcycle Boots

The next step is finding motorcycle boots. Luckily, these types of boots are pretty stylish today and any boot you choose will have you riding in style. Just be sure that the boots you wear contain non-slip grips on them for better pedal control while riding.

You also want to find a pair that reach at least to your ankles and have laces that tighten them all the way through. This is important because, in case of an accident, you’ll want a boot that supports your ankles and feet. The ones that can do this are the best motorcycle boots.


Gloves are another must-have item while riding. Yes, they’re amazing at keeping your hands warm on cooler riding days, but that’s not their number one job. The main reason why you need gloves when riding is that they protect your skin while helping you keep a firm grip on the handles.

On days when it’s hot outside, your hands might sweat, making it hard to grip the handles properly. Gloves eliminate this issue and protect the skin on your hands from being damaged by the wind, the sun, or by an accident. The best motorcycle gloves cover your entire hands and fingers, leaving no visible skin.

Custom Patches 

Custom patches are a great accessory for any motorcycle rider. There are patches made for riding clubs and motorcycle clubs. Placing a custom patch on your motorcycle jacket shows your riding pride.

You should learn more about custom patches before selecting one for your jacket. This ensures that you make the right decision when choosing one for you.

What Not to Wear

Now that you know everything you need to wear when riding, it’s time to discuss what you shouldn’t wear when riding. The following items are good to avoid when riding to ensure your safety and comfort.

Dresses and Skirts

Dresses and skirts leave too much skin vulnerable to road rash and other damage that could be caused by riding. Although it might seem romantic to ride on a motorcycle with your dress flowing in the wind, it’s very dangerous and should be avoided at all costs.

All Dark Clothing

Your jeans and jacket are most likely dark in color and this is fine when riding during the day, but keep in mind that when riding at night, you want to make yourself as visible to cars and other vehicles as possible. Consider wearing a helmet and jacket that has reflective stripes on them. This keeps you safer during the evening hours.

Flip Flops and Tennis Shoes

Always avoid wearing flip flops and even tennies shoes when riding a motorcycle. Both are not safe enough to wear while riding. Again, you want to invest in a solid pair of motorcycle boots that cover your toes and all the way up past your ankles.

Shorts and Tank Tops

Shorts and tank tops are another “no-no” when riding. Both of these items leave too much skin exposed to the possible dangers. Tee shirts and other clothing items that don’t cover your skin completely and offer it a solid barrier should not be worn on a motorcycle.

Novelty Helmets

Wearing a helmet of any kind might be better than wearing no helmet at all, but when riding a motorcycle, you’ll need to purchase a real DOT-approved helmet. The best decision is to buy one that offers full-face coverage. Your best bet is to purchase a real motorcycle helmet.

Finding the Best Motorcycle Gear 

Finding the best motorcycle gear is actually quite easy. Follow these tips given above and you’ll have everything you need to ride comfortably and safely while avoiding everything you shouldn’t wear.

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