What are the Factors that Affect Car Shipping Cost?

If you are moving to another state to start anew and fulfill your dreams, it is best to rely on a car transport service rather than drive your expensive car across the country. Apart from convenience and reduced stress, car shipping can help protect your vehicle from unforeseen damage. Hiring a reputable auto transport company is a prudent choice, given… Read More

Ingenious Technology: Infrared Detectors for Car

In 2017, around 6,000¬†pedestrians¬†were killed in vehicle crashes in the US The ones who are at risk are drivers impaired by alcohol and pedestrians. In the same year, 20 percent of all pedestrian deaths accounted for those aged 65 and above. Other risk factors include higher vehicle speeds, non-intersection locations, and while driving at night. The numbers do not lie.… Read More

How to Deal with Hail Damage on Your Car

Imagine that you just bought a new car. You take it out for a spin, first around the neighborhood, then along the highway. Everything is going smoothly until you hit a hailstorm. A few moments later, you drive back home in a car that’s been battered by hundreds of golf ball-sized hailstones. Hail damage is every motorist’s nightmare, whether they’re… Read More