Portland Small Business Excellence

This notification email is announcing that the Portland Small Business Excellence selection group has chosen MDH Motors for the 2016 Portland Small Business Excellence Award in the Auto Repair classification. This recognition is a result of your dedication and efforts as well as the work of others in your organization that have helped build your business. Your team is now… Read More

Subaru Headgasket Replacement Tips & Procedures

Most of the vehicles we work on are Subaru’s and that means we have lots of experience replacing Subaru headgaskets. I get a lot of questions about gaskets used and repair procedures that I hope to clarify here. First off the 2.5 SOHC engine is the most common to have cylinder headgasket failure and this article will be primarily about… Read More

Subaru Rear Differential Failure & Repair Advice

The rear differentials in these all wheel drive Subaru’s pretty much don’t have many problems at all. I have seen them fail though. Usually failure is due to driving it too hard or running it out of fluid. It’s pretty common to hear pinion bearing noise but it’s never excessive enough to address the problem. When they leak this can… Read More

Subaru 2.0L 2.5L Turbo Cam Pulley Bolt Stripped

The Infamous Subaru 2.0L & 2.5L Turbo Exhaust Pulley Nightmares If you have worked on one of these and had to remove the exhaust cam pulleys then you may be aware of these problems. On the camshaft pulleys they switched the 17mm bolt head to a 10mm allen head bolt. The bolt has a huge flange on it as well… Read More

Subaru Oil Consumption Problem & Repair

The Subaru 2.0L, 2.2L and more common the 2.5L engines are great motors that last forever when maintenance correctly. Most Subaru owners are aware of the common oil leaks that develop as you start to put miles on them. Subaru owners seem to be well aware of the infamous headgasket failure on these engines also. These engines like to leak… Read More

The Dark Web

The darkside of the Internet, I just wanted to research more about this and what it actually is and reply my opinion on my own personal blog. What is the Dark Web? Dark Web Definition: “The Dark Web is a term that refers specifically to a collection of websites that are publicly visible, but hide the IP addresses of the… Read More

Adopt a Node – Bitcoin Network Security

This week I wanted to write about bitcoin. This concept of currency really intrigues me and there is obviously a lot of needed security when involved with using or mining bitcoin. If someone wanted to do computer crimes for income then bitcoin would be the way to start I would think. It seems that bitcoin is mainly used for stuff… Read More

SQL Injection Attacks | Week 3

I have been reading through a bunch of different articles about SQL injection attacks and have found some similarities. I read these articles from cNet and other various hits received from Google search engine. The first similarity I will note is the time of these attacks seem to be around 2012 and all of these attacks are from non-validated user… Read More

Week 2 – Email Attachment Malware

Email is one of the favorite methods used by attackers to infect systems. The malware used in email campaigns is often ransomware or banking malware. They can come as attachments with the malicious executable inside. They can come as Microsoft Office documents that contain a malicious macro. The macro will download ransomware or banking malware after execution and also JavaScript… Read More

FBI ‘s Apple Iphone Hack

I read this article about how the FBI withdraw ed there case for Apple to give them access to a terrorist’s phone. They had an unidentified source help them hack the phone information they needed. Now the article is stating that wont be a secret for long. As soon as the security hole has been discovered Apple will fix it… Read More