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  • Doug Horning says:

    My ’07 Forester 2.5 (non turbo) has 105k mi & has leaked oil since 61k. Now that’s about 1/2 qt. every 10 days.

    Subaru Oakland has quoted me $4.5k for headgaskets & valve cover gasket replacement, timing & drive belts water pumo & oil change.

    An Indy shop said I’d still leak oil after all this from the pistons/rings. And furthermore said betw. 125 -150 k I’d have to spend up to 7k on a new transmission. “That’s standard for the Forester, typical lifespan, typical wear & tear on a well maintained Subu trans.

    Do you agree with this transmission assessment?

    If so, would 4.5k engine work +7k trans be worth it?

    If you say yes it would, who can do the piston/ring work (with an additional approx$1.7k charge over & above the amts. I’ve cited above), in the WAY that your shop does such work, in the SF Bay Area?

    • Martin Hand Martin Hand says:

      I see the transmissions go over 200k all the time without problem. MT or AT transmission either way they are usually not problematic every Subaru is different so you never know.

  • Michael says:

    I own a subaru forestor crosssport sg 5.current mileage is 192k. Since i bought it has been showing low level oil from the dipstick when checked at petrol stations. Initially they would top up but during service the oil level was high when drained…about 5 to 6 litres so my mechanic recommended i do not top up. Recently during service only 1 litre of oil drained from the engine that got me worried. My mechanic recommends an overhaul of the engine and replacement of the piston rings and seals. Kindly advice

    • Martin Hand Martin Hand says:

      Your almost at 200k so I would install a new short block and have the cylinder heads rebuilt. You can go the other route but the crankshaft has a lot of miles on it and it’s probably pretty loose.

  • Mike says:

    Hi. My 1.6 polo vivo pings for about 1 second after changing gears. This is if i change below 3800rpm even on a straight. Also if I rev it in neutral it pings for 1 second.

  • Ernie says:

    I’m purchasing a used car for my son and found a 2005 Outback with 85k miles. The seller is seeking 7k. I plan to ask my mechanic to inspect it but wonder if there are any chronic issues with this year and model I should ask my mechanic to carefully inspect carefully? The body and interior look good. Generally speaking, is 7k a fair price for a 2095 Outback with 85k miles? Thanks you in advance for your help!

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